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  1. Ga naar regel 225 in catalog\includes\languages\dutch.php en vervang define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', 'Welkom <span class="greetUser">Gast!</span> Wilt u <a href="%s"><u>inloggen</u></a>? Of wilt u liever een <a href="%s"><u>account aanmaken</u></a>?'); door: define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', ''); Dit verwijdert in het Nederlandse deel de tekst: "Welkom Gast! Wilt u inloggen? Of wilt u een nieuw account aanmaken?" Hetzelfde moet je ook doen met alle andere talen die je in je winkel geïnstalleerd hebt. Dus bv. in: catalog\includes\languages\english.php vervang je de alinea (op regel nr. 223) define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', 'Welcome <span class="greetUser">Guest!</span> Would you like to <a href="%s"><u>log yourself in</u></a>? Or would you prefer to <a href="%s"><u>create an account</u></a>?'); door: define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', ''); De rest (Alleen m�t een account enz.) ken ik niet, ik heb dat nog nooit meegemaakt, maar ik vermoed dat je eerst wat gegevens in het admin deel moet invoeren, om uit de demo winkel te komen. Succes!
  2. In één keer goed! Inderdaad, via FTP! Je kunt bv. filezilla gebruiken, of het programma dat je gebruikte om OsC mee te installeren.
  3. RTFM (read the funking manual) In het installatie- tekst bestand (in de Neederlandsche contributie) staat: "Krijg je een blanco scherm of scherm vol met fouten, log dan in MET ACHTER DE URL ?language=en" Doe dat en je krijgt je gewone engelse pagina te zien.van je shop. Log in op het Admin deel, ga naar Lokale Instellingen/talen en voeg Nederlands toe, stel Nedelands in als standaard, en je bent klaar.
  4. Well, the search function in this forum isn't working for me, either I find no results where I'm certain there should be results, or I get too many results that all point to the initial page of a few topics. Thanks! Shoot! I thought it should be possible with STS Great! I'll try that! Thanks for your advice!
  5. I'm too lazy to read all the posts in this topic and neither the search function or the manual don't help me with this question. I have STS 4.5 and I want to show all the products in a category in a table of 4 columns and 3 rows, rather than scrolling down the page with all the products in a list as it is by default in OSC. How do I do this with STS 4.5? Can anyone give me some directions on that one? Thanks!
  6. You can just skip that part, because it's just not needed anymore in RC1 see: (only if you understand Dutch)
  7. I suggest you visit and look for the iDEAL payment module. Or go directly to the iDEAL forum: IF.......... you understand Dutch
  8. I suggest you visit and look for the iDEAL payment module. Or go directly to the iDEAL forum: IF.......... you understand Dutch
  9. Mysterious Firefox bug fix for Bill's "Add New Pages Using STS" package I downloaded Bill's package "Add New Pages Using STS" and used the newpage.php.html template and found that if I opened that file (directly from the zip package) in Firefox, all seemed normal. When I uploaded all the files and opened the page in IE, all seemed normal, however in Firefox 2 the first 3 characters on the page always were:  (doesn't look nice with a banner starting after those 3 characters) These characters cannot be seen in Notepad, not in Dreamweaver, but they are there. It was driving me mad. In the end, I opened the file in notepad, hit Ctrl a, Ctrl c, made a new empty textfile in notepad, hit Ctrl v, saved. Same file, looked identical, only 3 bits smaller I have uploaded the Bill's complete package, exept for those 3 characters. Do a comparison between Bill's newpage.php.html and mine an you might see those 3 characters. I used Total commander's file comparison feature for the comparison I wonder if my Mac will show those characters? Unfortunately I can't check that anymore because I deleted Bill's original files, and I'm not that curious to download them again
  10. I did (once again) a clean install of OSC RC1 EP_v2_76f_r1_MS2, STS v4.58 and UltraPics Virgin manual install. Everything works fine, exept that I can't import the extra pictures for Ultrapics with the Easy Populate plugin. I have tried modifying the table called "products"in the PHPMyAdmin page, and I get to import the extra pictures: I export the table as a exell 2000 file, I edit the table in Exell 2003, I copy and paste the table into Access 2003, then I export that table through the ODBC driver. But when I do that, I can't create any new products in my shop, not with the catalog/admin/Categories/Products section (I create the new article, the picture is uploaded, but the product isn't there,) and not with Easy Populate. I have tried the contrib EP 2.76-MS2 (with Ultra pics) Modified by Leonidas Pezo on 15 October 2005, but that is too old, it won't work with the newer versions of EP or with the other contribs I have installed. Does anyone have an EP v2_76f for Ultrapics mod? Or does anyone know how to do it with the PHPMyAdmin frontend? Any help is much appreciated
  11. When I'm in the admin section od OSC, and go: Modules/STS/STS Modules/Index In the "Files for index.php template" I must put in the whole name "index.php.html" (notice the html extension), or I get an error msg. If I put the html extension, I get the $myaccountlogoff | $cartcontents | $checkout thingies in stead of the real navigation (the same goes for the all the other STS placeholders. And after the "content" that page I still get the contents of the index.php.html in my catalog/includes/sts_templates/ folder. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Yes, I've copied all the standard templates into their respective folders, uninstalled and re-installed all the STS modules in the Admin/modules/STS/ section. So everything should be standard, but still I get the error msg if I enable index.php.html, untill I copy that index.php.html file into my catalogincludes/modules/sts_inc/ folder. I can't figure that one out, so I just leave that file in place. I have answered to the post where you replied to me about that particular problem, but it's on the prevoius page and something has gone wrong with the sequence of answers so it's hard to find, but it's there. Thanks for the advice you gave about getting different content on the catagories pages and the index page. I will try that tomorrow.
  13. When I enable the Index template in STS 4.5 the contents of the index page also appears when I click on a category. I only want the contents of the index page to appear only on the first page of the shop, not on a category page. Is there a way in STS 4.5 to do that? In the admin section there is no way to enable different templates for the categories Can sombody help me please?
  14. How do I tell STS to use a template I made in stead of te default one? In the admin section I see only a few options to install templates, and categories isn't among them.
  15. It says: includes/sts_templates/ So that is as it should be