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  1. Thanks @@greasemonkey & burt. I had more than a few beers trying to fix this problem so will be great if I can get it done for a few bucks rather than going mad. I will put up a ticket one of the next days as the problem is more annoying than urgent. I want to give the exchange rate option for my customers. Great forum here, im sure I will be bak . thanks.
  2. I been having the same problem, no currencies updating. has anyone found a solution to this problem ? Im really new to oscom. I dont understand the above "solution"
  3. Hello, im new here and to oscom. i have two shops using a few currencies, im on oscom 2.3.4. last time i updated the currencies was in November and no problem, Now i have tried for two days to find a solution, my host says all is ok and they didn't change anything, I have also not made any changes to the sites that could give such an effect. Please I hope someone here had the same problem and found a fix. Thanks