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  1. After getting a little angry and sending a message that most reps would ignore, templatemonster customer service was very patient and good. I had a problem with a template i bought that would not allow sub cat images to be displayed, i was pissed i felt as if it is a core function of oscommerce, and could not believe the author of the template totally stripped all option to show sub cat images from the templates themselves. Well, they have since had the author of the template repair (or add) the ability to display subcat images. Within 12 hours of asking him to. Props to templatemonster for being patient with me, they could have just given me my money back and i would have lost out on a great template. Money well spent
  2. Well i have to say that template monster has contacted me, and totally turned my situation around. They have directed a develpoer to fix the sub cat image problem in my template. I feel kinda bad, cause maybe i got way too frustrated before sending my initial message, after searching and searching thru my templates for a solution. Murano, if you are still having database fractures, i would def take the time the make a support ticket, and ask if they could take a deeper look at the sql file. If you havent already, I hope you find a solution sorry for hijacking your post, just wanted to initialy let you know you werent alone
  3. We should get a list of unhappy customers going, if there isnt already one How well will they sell if the forum, of the site, of the cart :) that they base there templates on, boycotts them if its warranted of course They need to disclose basic feature changes before people buy their templates
  4. HERES MY CORRESPONDENCE (however you spell it) James Posted On: 10 Mar 2007 04:05 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OrderID:8656805 or v98RT642Alfq16Rg5n3P I have purchased template 12294 for oscommerce, and i am Very displeased. It looks great, But Most if not ALL the important functions have been REMOVED!!!!! its one thing to disable certain funtions in admin, but to completely remove them from the templates is awfull!, no docs to add major functions. I DEMAND A FULL REFUND, i paid for a good looking cart ( and it is) but i will not pay for something that has NO USEABILITY!, alot of the shopping cart functions have been stripped away totally, and i could not change it if i wanted to , cause tags that are in templates are not there in case i wanted to turn things on off, I expect a full refund, or i will just chargeback claiming fraud I believe the fact that cart functions being totally removed versus just turned off in admin, not being disclosed, is pure fraud, i want it to look good , but i also want the ability to use oscommerces basic functions, if i decide to turn them on! I have just read your terms of use, and THIS product is a STRIPPED DOWN version that does not have the same functions as a FREE CART. It is not as expected AT ALL Regards, James Angel Paul Krakowsky Posted On: 12 Mar 2007 09:14 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear James, Thank you for reaching Technical Department of Template-Help.com! We are sorry that your template is not working according to your expectations. But you had a great opportunity to check our OsCommerce templates by using a Live Demo page before placing an order (it also allows you to access an admin panel and handle the whole stuff). We use main features of OsCommerce engine to create our own e-solutions with better looking. Please mind that our OsCommerce templates were re-coded by our programmers and so on a preview page of each OsCommerce template we provide a live demo to show our customers how it actually works. Also you could download our free OsCommerce template and check all the things you were interested in. If you had some doubts concerning a product you could contact our Customer representatives which are working round the clock and make all the things clear before purchasing. Since you are not pleased with this particular template #12294 we are willing to meet your expectations and may offer you an exchange. Please, choose any other OsCommerce template to your liking starting from #13077 (you may check this page for more details: http://info.template-help.com/Updates_And_.../article2.html) and get back to us with an exact item number. Then we'll swap the templates. Thanks for your cooperation! Best regards, Technical department ________________ Template-Help.com Support Team Phone: 1.518.312.4147 James Posted On: 12 Mar 2007 01:32 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ive dealt with oscommerce before, I know what the the basic features are, I tested it on the live demo, but never saw an admin area for that template, there is no demo for admin, My problem is the templates have been recoded WITHOUT LEAVING an option for cat, and sub cat images in the templates. It doesnt matter what i do in admin, those templates will never show catagory images or sub catagory images. Admin demo doesnt exist as far as i can see. so your previous email was wrong as far as im concerned. I request again that the money be returned, if i have to chargeback, it will cost me nothing but you guys a little more. Chris Diaz Posted On: 12 Mar 2007 01:34 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear James, Thanks for contacting Technical Support Department of Template-Help.com! We appreciate your participation in the betterment of our products! please see the following link: http://info.template-help.com/after_sale_s...ase/OsCommerce/ Best regards, Technical Support Department ________________ Template-Help.com Support Team Phone: 1.518.312.4147 James Posted On: 12 Mar 2007 01:53 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tell you guys what, this is the best looking template ive ever seen, and glenn i believe to be the best. At least do me this favor, help or tell me (meaning you guys) the code and template to change to get catagory and subcatagory images to display. I want to creat a catagory named "by design" and it will bring up subcatagory images. here an example http://www.johnnyangeltees.com/index.php?cPath=2 for some reason when i make a subcatagory, and it has an image for itself, it takes me to a page that the two images show up on and "bestsellers" never show, even when i had a bunch of sold porducts. something is wrong here cause if i delete that subcatagory than it wont show the page with the square images "special offer" "universal shoes", than it takes me to the real page example. http://www.johnnyangeltees.com/index.php?cPath=1 i may not have explained it very well, but if you follow my links you will se something is wrong I just want subatagory images re activated if not, well James Posted On: 12 Mar 2007 03:20 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello? James Posted On: 13 Mar 2007 12:32 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well i have waited all day for a responce, I do not have a responce, as to how to get subcatagory images back in the templates -there is no "admin" area to demo on this template as stated, so there is no way i could have known this could not easily be resolved thru admin. -the video section does not tell me squat about this problem -i do not want one of the other templates, (if i did i would have ordered another to begin with) -there is an obvios error in codeing, if adding a subcat, it takes you to a different page than if a cat had no sub cat. -and the support has been either "no you cant have your money back cause there is an admin for this demo" (where is the demo admin for this template, and do you expect me to believe you would put a functioning one up for this temp?) or follow this link, which takes me to a video section that does not pertain to this problem at all. I HAVE BEEN VERY FAIR, I have given you guys the opportunity to fix this problem of sub cat images not showing, and make me happy. NOW I AM FORCED TO DO A CHARGEBACK, OR POST THIS TEMPLATE ON THE NET SO PEOPLE CAN DOWNLOAD AND HELP ME IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND IT BETTER (after they agree or accept a disclaimer not to use it of course). Once people are able to see the source code, im sure they will have a much better understanding of it, in order to help me. Which sucks for glenn, cause people will find out that maybe his templates arent built for allow the buyer a little control over the basics. this problem isnt something i can just turn on or off, in admin the option of showing subcat images has been completely stripped from the templates. ( something a buyer can not know since the "demo admin" spoken of doesnt exist for this template.) I will allow time until noon of 3/13/07 for you guys to tell me how to fix this template (12294) or i will find outside help, and inform people exactly what to expect from you guys - on oscommerce forums, and anyother forum i can think of. I dont want people to download , but they wont know how to fix this subcat image problem without viewing the code. Since you cant even tell me what templates or codes, they will have to look at it all. I will make them agree not to use it, but i will also let as many people help me as possible
  5. Your not the only one i purchased a template, and the author removed any code to allow sub cat or cat images to show and i dont mean commented out, i mean completely stripped from templates heres my site and my start of boycott against templatemonster.com until they refund my money or my chargeback goes thru i had a two day long conversation with them, and they had the nerve to tell me there was an admin demo for my template, and should have tested it out I wonder where this admin demo is, and i highly doubt they would put a working version up, and allow the public to change any values retarded http://www.johnnyangeltees.com i can tell you one thing, if they dont fix my problem, im putting this template on the net under the idea, that in order for people to help me, they have to download the entire reworked templates in order to understand how to help me. (as long as they agree not to use, Of course ;) )
  6. Searched but no luck, I ran into a problem with catagory images not showing up. I purchased a template package from monstertemp, the template has had all catagory image and subcatagory images removed from templates. When i add a subcatagory w/image. the images will not show. Im trying to add catagories, that have products in them, but i wanted to add a subcatagory called "by design" and have the subcatagory images show versus products ("by design" will contain sub-cats only). I was wondering WHICH TEMPLATE i have to alter to put it back, and WHAT CODE i need to get this feature added again.