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  1. Hi

    This module look great, I'm looking to install it for one of my client GiftBasket but I am wondering before charging them for the installation of the module if it can work as a shipping estimate or in demo mode without actually paying Canada Post.

    This is because they do not use Canada Post for all the delivery (they deliver some them self) but charge the price estimated by the module. So they don't want to pay Canada Post for a service that they won't use all the time.


    Is it possible to use that module to estimate and charge the shipping for the customer, base on Canada Post price, and then decide to use or not their service and tracking??



  2. Hi,

    I installed ultimate SEO on a gift basket site that I have and it work great for the most of it.

    The issue I have is that we get some 404 error page not found.


    It append randomly from some page to an other. It even append from the front page to a category.


    It also append all the time when I come back from a secure page. The site name is TousVosCadeaux with non secure URL www.tousvoscadeaux.com but as The SSL certificate that I have is for the main site www.webinspirit.com the secured URL look something like this https://webinspirit.com/tousvoscadeaux/crea...8c91a4d1f1c6109.

    Then when I click to a category (in this example the new born category) it give me a 404 page not found pointing to the following URL http://www.tousvoscadeaux.com/newborn-c-21?osCsid.html

    when if should be http://www.tousvoscadeaux.com/newborn-c-21.html without the ?osCsid .

    I don't know if it is related to URL change due to the SSL being on the top domain or not.

    Does anyone have the same problem and better is there anyone that have a solution?


    Any help will be great fully appreciated because I can't have users getting lost on 404 page or I will have to uninstall this great contribustion.

  3. Title too short + can't desable Show Manufacturer in title


    I install cDynamic Meta Tag, and most of worked as plan (thanks for this very usefull contrib)

    I have a couple a think that doesn't wok:

    - Show Manufacturer in title doesn't work: whether I set it to thrue or false it always show it if it is set. This is a problem for us as use the manufacturer field to filter what product we want in fron page.

    - Title is to short : I have try to make some in meta.php but it didn't change much


    Any idear?


    You can check the site at www.tousvoscadeaux.com