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  1. php_Guy

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

    Sounds to me like he might have spoofed the transaction. I'd contact paypal and have them trace everything. Verify that the transaction he completed (for $0.02) originated from the IP of your shop, and follow the trail from there. Assuming that they maintain accurate logs and have the ability to check everything, they should be able to shed some light on the issue. Please post a followup if you find out anything from them.
  2. php_Guy

    Need Urgent Help with my OSC design!

    I'm sorry but waiting until you get a job to start looking at osc doesn't make it urgent; it makes you ill prepared. You should never have accepted the job if you don't know how to complete it. That being said, go read the docs. Read the knowledgebase. Read the forums. Pay special attention to the feedback forum where osc members critique new designs and offer suggestions. Learning to customize osc isn't something you do overnight. Expect weeks to do a mediocre job, months to get any good at it. This might be a good time to tell your client that the deadline just isn't going to happen.
  3. php_Guy

    New Handgun Website

    Those are built in functions of osCommerce although all products on a single order are shipped to a single address. You can specify different addresses than the billing address and even store multiple addresses in your profile but you can only ship to one per order. I've never seen a site that allows you to specify shipping on a per-item basis. There is a comment area though so people could specify details there.
  4. You can't use an autothumbnailer on an animated gif. It will result in a thumbnail of just one frame which is what you are seeing. There may be "smart" thumbnailers out there that will do what you want but I've never heard of one. You will need to seperate the frames, resize each manually, and recreate the animated gif. However... imo the thumbnailer is doing you a favor. Animated gifs have no business on a commercial website. In general they look amateurish and erode faith in the site. Flash is only slightly better. The one exception I would make to that would be an interactive flash file that lets you rotate the product to see it from all sides. hth
  5. Thank you! I actually crossed my fingers and installed it already so I am very happy to get verification that it was the right one :) I was also very pleased to see that it was actually a very quick and simple install. Not sure why I thought it would be difficult.
  6. I've got such a headache from reading through the thread and checking various versions to figure out which one to use. It sounds like yours is the most current, stable, complete package and the one we should be using. Just to be clear, are you referring to the download marked: 2.1d ORIGINAL updated Uploaded by FWR Media on 23 Feb 2008 If so are there any issues with it that need to be addressed or is it golden just the way it is? I hope I'm not being a pain. It just looks like a long and complicated install and I'd hate to put all that effort into the wrong version :)
  7. php_Guy

    Images Sizes...Please Help!

    You can set small_image_width (in admin) to whatever you want (I prefer 100-150) and blank out the small_image_height. That will cause osc to resize the images while keeping them proportional. However, resizing on the fly looks like crap! It is well worth the time to manually resize to the same width. There are thumbnail contributions out there. That's probably what the other posts are linking to. I've never seen them so I can't say if they work well or not. If so they may be fine but you only have to see the difference once between manually resized and osc-on-the-fly-resizing to never again let osc do it.
  8. php_Guy

    Icons for OsCommerce

    I want to thank you so much for trying to pass someone else's work off as your own. If you had not, I would never have seen the link to the amazing work at dryicons.com