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    Hello Jack, Thank you for the great contribution! Very easy to install! Im sure you dont want to get bogged down with these type of questions but I dont know what 'hacker code' looks like and was wondering if its typical to see the paypal module in the results? Also, have you heard of nusoap.php? I dont see that file on the on the RC2a clean download. Kind regards, CW
  2. pinklep

    modifying flat rate?

    spreadsheet..the file extention is xls..call me lazy.
  3. pinklep

    add/ change shipping modules

    If you install table rate, for example, and then click edit, there will be some instructions on how to fill in the information. You can also look at the documentation that came with os. As far as charging based on total weight, table rate lets you base shipping charges by weight or price - you choose. USPS is based on weight. You might want to look at the contributions for more detailed shipping inclusions.
  4. pinklep

    modifying flat rate?

    Yeah I had to use a xls to figure out mine.
  5. pinklep

    modifying flat rate?

    Why not try the table rate? You can base shipping prices based on weight or price.
  6. pinklep

    individual product shipping prices

    club osc has a tutorial on sql: http://www.clubosc.com/how-to-use-phpmyadm...o-load-sql.html
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    Free shipping with USPS methods addon

    I want to do the same thing. You can try what Im trying..Im using the table rate. I make shipping 0 based on a certain price.
  8. pinklep

    USPS Methods Error (Even After Upgrade)

    I did not install USPS Methods and I get this error. I thought it was related to the May 12th api update.. :blush:
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    Image contribution for RC2a

    I suppose that information would be helpful! I want to have extra images for my products.
  10. Does anyone know which image contribution works well with the latest release - RC2a? Thanks in advance!
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    Header Tags SEO

  12. pinklep

    Header Tags SEO

    At the risk of sounding like a PITA, I've read those 4x. Im not catching on. Ive looked into the permissions issue - no errors. I followed the instructions for the admin/categories 3x (edited the file). Nothing happened, so I went to the folder for new installs and downloaded the copy included. Still nada. Everything else works. I can add keywords to the products. Perhaps there is another file that I should focus? Thank you in advance. Camille
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    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, I've obviously missed something. On the instructions it says Once Header Tags SEO is installed, go to admin->Header Tags SEO->Fill Tags, select the Fill All option in all three columns on that page and click Update. This option will fill in all of the titles and meta tags for all categories, manufacturers and products. If you already have tags set up, then you should select the Fill Empty option instead. But somehow I dont have the "Fill Tags" section in my admin. Ive reread the admin instructions three times. Can someone help? What did I miss? =(( :blink: Thank you in advance, Camille
  14. I am completely confused by the new rates and what to do. Priority mail and expedited mail requires dimensions in addition to weight. If a customer buys 4 items, I would use a different size box then a customer who buys 1. Am I supposed to download a new updated webtools? Please help... :'(
  15. Make sure you have a . after <br> for example - '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CATALOG_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED . '</a><br>' . I noticed this was missing on mine (admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php)..also you might check the following change and make sure its not there too.
  16. Hello- Is there a way to limit free shipping to one option..ie exclude express shipping as free? (Express shipping is usually 25 dollars :blink: ) Thanks! :rolleyes:
  17. There are a lot of posts and new additions to this contribution. Sorry to ask this but.. I am not sure which contribution I should download? My site only has paypal for payment. I have os commerce 2.2...(I use the installed paypal module.) Please advise..thank you.
  18. pinklep

    USPS Module Not Working (PLEASE HELP)

    Blank out the password - that worked or me.