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  1. drbill

    UPS labelmaker - importing data to ups.com

    Are you using the UPS Worldship software? We use that and import OSC order data directly into the Worldship Addressbook. I wrote a program (in WINbatch) that takes the output of the data in the Orders table (exported via any good MySQL database tool like PHPAdmin) and then formats it into the correct comma-delimited file that Worldship needs. I can send you the complied WINbatch executable... or the code (if you happen to have WINbatch.) It works well for us... we can then just type in the Order Number in Worldship (which I have mapped to the "CustomerID" field) and viola! You have your order's billing address in UPS Worldship! Slick and handy!
  2. drbill

    Authorize.net questions

    The big reason is that it is illegal to charge the card until the item ships. If you have captured, and your batch runs automatically, then they will be charged... and if you are waiting on an item to come in (say it is due in next day), it is best not to capture until the item is out the door.
  3. I incorporated the fix mentioned to remove the requirement to have the CVV response code filled in, and that worked well (thanks!), but the other "fix" making the CVV code a string rather than an array "broke" my submission to authorize.net (I am still testing my cart... though I AM using "production mode" on authorize.net transactions... just using a real credit card.) I set it back to an array, and it now works again... however, I do like not REQUIRING the CVV since it doesn't appear to work anyway... and some people are so confused by it. If someone does manage to get the CVV to actually work correctly, I will be very interested. :)