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  1. Hi All, We've been using the Apsona ShopAdmin product on a bunch of sites. But I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a similar product that is still being maintained/developed. Thanks, CJ
  2. catalano

    Upgrading to the latest version

    My process was this: Installed new responsive version to a new directory. Modified the old db using the script provided on this site. Modified the new responsive version configure.php file to use the old modified database. Everything seems to be working fine for me now.
  3. catalano

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Hi, Quick question about these steps. After installing a clean copy of BS in a new directory do we still need to convert that new database as indicated in the second step? Wouldn't the database that gets setup by the new install procedure in BS be correct already? Then in the second part of the instructions "when ready to go live" it says to convert that database (original non-BS one I presume). So then aren't we just going to change the config file to point to the old, but now updated, original database? Thanks, CJ
  4. I don't see any way to exclude America from the zone. There is only a drop down menu to select which country belongs in the zone (or all countries). I can't select multiple countries either. It's either a specific country or all countries.
  5. Could someone explain in a little more detail how this is done? I'm trying to do something similar. We need to charge a per item shipping fee for destinations in the U.S. and then a different fee for anything outside of the U.S. I've set up a Tax Zone called United States which is configured as Country: United States; Zones: All Zones. I've assigned this as a Shipping Zone for the Per Item shipping module. So that works fine. Then we've created a Tax Zone called International which is configured as All Countries, All Zones. We've assigned this zone to the Table Rate shipping module. The problem here is that if someone is in the U.S. they'll see both the per item and the table rate shipping costs. I don't see any way to exclude a country from a Tax Zone. Thanks for any help, Chris
  6. catalano

    Help with Apsona

    Is anyone out there successfully using Apsona to upload products to their store? We've been trying to get some support from them, but I think maybe they've abandoned the software. My problem is that when trying to import new records Apsona is requiring a model number for each product. We're uploading mp3 files only, so there is no model number. And also we used this on a different shop last year and did not run into this problem. As far as I can see Apsona is still the same version that it was back then. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  7. Can someone provide an answer for this? Doing as the instructions state (which Peter did) will break the admin section in osc 2.3.1. Also, the current install instructions are contradictory. In the top section is says to "Copy file /catalog/admin/includes/classes/table_block.php into /catalog/admin/ folder." But later on in Step 4 it states "This step is ONLY for versions BEFORE osCommerce Online Merchant RC2a." So, which is it??
  8. catalano

    Is IPN still necessary w/ OSC 2.3.1?

    Ok, thanks. Any suggestions as to which version of that contribution to use? I last used on a site about a year ago and as far as I know its still working. Still wondering why this hasn't been incorporated into the base module that is delivered with OSC. I mean this problem has existed for over 5 years now.....
  9. catalano

    Is IPN still necessary w/ OSC 2.3.1?

    Hi Chris, I don't have the IPN module in my options. The Install Module button in the upper right indicates that there are 44 options. But the only things for Paypal are: PayPal Website Payments Pro - Direct Payments PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) - Direct Payments PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) - Express Checkout PayPal Website Payments Standard Am I missing something? Thanks, Chris
  10. catalano

    Is IPN still necessary w/ OSC 2.3.1?

    Hello All, I just did a new install of osc2.3.1 and was wondering if the Paypal IPN add-on is still necessary. I've seen a thread here somewhere that says not to use it, but then others say that they're still using it. FWIW my base install of OSC came with Paypal Express installed. Is this the intended replacement for IPN or Standard? My main concern with any of the Paypal solutions is that an order email gets generated if the customer doesn't return to the store after making the payment. This was a years-long problem with the Paypal Standard module which I never understood why it was still distributed as a part of OSC. So I'm just looking for some clarification on what to use so that we are ensured of getting all of our orders whether the client returns back to the site or not. Thanks, Chris
  11. Hi All, I've seen this problem discussed a few times, but I haven't seen a definitive answer. My problem occurs when a customer makes a purchase and selects paypal as the payment method, then pays without signing in to their paypal account. Obviously when this process is followed paypal generates a 'return to merchant' button. If the customer does not click that button, the store will never send an email to the store owner or to the customer. If they do sign in to their account we have paypal set up to automatically redirect back to the store, so that works fine and generates an order email. Is there any way to get the order emails generated if the customer does not return to the store? I've seen reference to using this: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679 , but I'm not really sure if this is the solution. I would imagine that this is a fairly common scenario, but I just can't find the way to make it work. BTW using OSC v2.2 RC2a with the Paypal Websites Payment Standard that comes configured with OSC. Thanks, Chris
  12. catalano

    Where to change default text?

    Hi all, I tried searching for this but didn't come across anything, which is surprising since I figured most people would want to change this. But nonetheless, I'm looking for the place where I can edit the text "Authorize.net-Secure Credit Card Processing" that appears during the checkout process where the customer is entering the cc info. That text really means nothing to a customer and I would rather change it to something else. Thanks, Chris
  13. David, Thanks for the link. I'll see what they have to offer. I just started experimenting with Easy Populate. I have it successfully installed on a test site and it seems to work ok. -Chris
  14. I haven't seen the backend of the yahoo store, so I'm hoping that the dbase export is a fairly simple process. Can you tell me, did you have product attributes for each of your products (color, size, etc.)? Also, you mentioned Auto Populate, did you mean Easy Populate? I couldn't find any contribution called Auto Populate. As for the shipping, I've downloaded the 2 main UPS contributions and will install and experiment with them over the next few days. I'll post back with any findings. Thanks, Chris
  15. Hi David, I have a customer who is interested in moving their yahoo store over to us. I've been trying to find some specific info on how to successfully migrate the store over to an osc shop. Could you give me any pointers on how you accomplished this? Also the way the store is currently set up in yahoo, when the buyer places an order the ups shipment is created automatically in the store owner's ups account and they simply print the label. They don't have to do any entry at the ups site. I'm hopeful that the same process can be accomplished here. Thanks, Chris