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  1. jpldisplays

    livechat from who's online

    I had a look at a few and none of them seem to intergrate with who's online but perhaps I am looking at these the wrong way, is there one that I can apply to certain products on our site? I don't have enough staff to man live chats all day long and my opinion is that if you can not do them full time then customer are just going to see them offline and deter them but if I can give them option of live chat for certain products then that would be fine Any idea's? Cheers
  2. jpldisplays

    livechat from who's online

    Hi all, I was wondering if any one knows of a contribution where you can initiate a live chat or send a question to a potential customer from the who's online screen? Basically what I am looking for is from time to time when we check the who's online screen we can send a popup to the potential customer rather than them just having a browse and possibly going away I have a bit of a look at contributions but can only seem to find live chat options where the customer kicks it off Cheers!
  3. Hi All, Just a quick question.. I have installed this Contrib and it seems to be working fine but I have tried to impliment a coupon that is valid when a certain product is being purchased. It seems to work fine if only that product is purchased but as soon as I add another product the coupon will not work. Restricting the coupon to certain products is exactly what I want it to do but I need to still allow the customer to purchase additional products as well if they whant to. Sorry if this has been bought up before but this is one lengthy thread.. Cheers!!
  4. jpldisplays

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Hi all... Great Contribution works welll.. I have a shippng contribution installed that puts a the freight companies logo beside each shipping options and a policy if that shipping option includes Insurance or not. I was hoping to abreviate it and take out the images as the box ends up quite long once it has wrapped all the text down the box. which file(s) would I do this in?? Cheers!!
  5. jpldisplays

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply!! There certainly could be more than one suburb for a postcode, it would not be used to calculate tax but I might use it for shipping rates if it will work in with the shipping module I am running.. Basically I want them to first enter their postcode and then get presented with a list of suburbs that match that postcode that they can select from.
  6. jpldisplays

    Country-State Selector

    Hi Eveyone!! I have had a look at this contribution and it is close to what I want to do, I am wanting something to go up one more level though!! Would it be possible to change it so it gives the user a list of suburbs once they have added there postcode?? We use a shipping system that validates the suburb with the postcode and we import batches of deliveries directly into it and we often get import errors when they do not match. If I can added the data into the zones table would it be possible to get it to select the correct suburb and state or would there be to many duplicates for each state as at the moment there is a unique record for each state, if I added the postcodes there would be hundreds of entries for each state.. Cheers!!
  7. jpldisplays

    [Contribution] Email Queue V1.2

    Hi there, Can you tell me what transport method is used for this Contrib?? I am unable to use sendmail with mu hosting service so I have installed the smtp Contrib which works fine but it has a problem when I try and send more than one email at a time ie if I try and use the newsletter manager or one of the batch processing modules. Will this also work with other contributions such as the recover cart sales? this contribution is used to send an email to those customers that have exited the store without placing an order and still have items in their cart, this is also has a batch email function which I want to use but with the smtp contribution I am not able that is why I thought this Email Queue you have created may work with it Cheers!!
  8. jpldisplays

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone is having any problems with this contribution sending emails?? It all seems to work fine except for the email notifications. What method of sending mail is used on the sites that have installed this contribution? we normally used sendmail but I have installed the SMTP Contribution as well, if I set it to sendmail in admin then this contribution does not send email notifications at all but if I switch it to SMTP then it works but I have found with the SMTP Contribution it will only send one message at a time so if you do somthing in a batch such as this or even send a newsletter to all subscribed customers for instance then it produces an error so I can't use that. Are others having any problems with the email notifications?? Cheers!!
  9. Hi all, I recently installed the Batch Order Center Contrib and it seems to work fine except for the notifying of customers of the order update status. We use Sendmail not SMTP although we can use either, the reason we don't use SMTP is that it can only send one message at a time so we have found sendmail better. If I switch over to SMTP it seems to work fine but I can only do one order at a time as the SMTP Script reports the old "cannot redefine class" when it tries to do the second order, this (as far as I know) has always been a problem with SMTP even when sending newsletters under admin. If I use send mail (which I know can send batches of emails) will not email the customers as all, it does not seem to do anything not even an error for the last few days we have been using it and assuming the orders updates were going out but they have not so we are back to updating the status one by one. Any help would be great!! Paul
  10. jpldisplays

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Hi all, Well after some messing about I finally got this contribution to work, I had quite ab it of trouble with classes and the import file balancing but got there.. I do have one question though, each time I do an import into quickbooks the shipping comes up non taxable and I can't seem to get it as taxable.. I initially tried changing the qb_iif_sale.php file without any success then I was simply making changes to the iif file that was generated and still no luck. I can't even work out where the entry should go in the file.. Has anyone had any problems with tax on shipping?? Paul
  11. jpldisplays

    [REQ] Credit Card Surcharge

    I have this working fine for credit card payments!! Make sure you enter in the correct payment type as it is called "cc" not credit card Cheers!!