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    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    For those of you still fighting with the 1064 mysql error as quoted, the easiest fix for this is to remove the "distinct" syntax as the db engine is choking on it.... in catalog/faqdesk_search_result.php around line 203 find this code $select_str = "select distinct" . $select_column_list . " p.faqdesk_id, p.faqdesk_date_added, pd.faqdesk_question, pd.faqdesk_answer_long, pd.faqdesk_answer_short "; and change it to read $select_str = "select " . $select_column_list . " p.faqdesk_id, p.faqdesk_date_added, pd.faqdesk_question, pd.faqdesk_answer_long, pd.faqdesk_answer_short "; this worked for me and so far has tested out ok cheers barry
  2. the contribution was written using ms1 in mind and not ms2, so files might not match or variables might have changed. I cannot comment on it, as as yet i have not looked at MS2 cheers barry
  3. not sure about ms2 but these problems were solved in ms1 and earlier releases by simply making the module inactive and then reactivate it again. The problem you are getting is due to the configuration keys not being properly initialised, the solution above solves this. cheers barry
  4. Personally i don't use the validation in this module now, as the checks that have to be made to get the card recognition right are tedious to set up. I have a list of card issuer bins(first 6 digits of any card) in excel format which has about 32,000 different card bins from issuers all over the world that i would have to go through and sort in order to get the card issuer recognised properly without any errors, i am not prepared to do this at this time. I have provided this mod at no cost to all those that use it, and i know there are quite a few judging by the amount of emails requesting help with install probs etc, yet no recognition for my hard work, not that i have asked for any. So if this is the case for me then how does harald and the rest of the dev team fair up if the majority take this free software and don't show recognition where recognition is due, either through buying them something off their wishlist or a small donation to their paypal account or whatever........ I'll leave this open for people to flame me, have me burnt at the stake etc. Cheers barry
  5. The best suggestion to try and solve your problem would be go to admin/modules/payment make the cc module inactive then reactivate it. That should solve the problem with the missing info. cheers barry
  6. best thing i can suggest is download them and read the install file, it'll tell you which one works with what, but if my memory serves me right it is 1.2 that you need, don't take my word for it though. cheers barry
  7. Sorry, but i don?t understand what file and where i have to edit...any help? Thanks! if you need that feature it may be worth your while contacting the person who originally asked for that advice and seeing if they managed to implement it. The change i am talking about is adding a field into the customers table in the database to show a true or false as to whether they were a purchase without account customer or not. cheers barry
  8. Best way to do it is use dreamweaver to edit the files, it lets you see the layout as your editing it. cheers barry
  9. bmcewan

    Problem with RMA Return contribution

    How about a URL...... cheers barry
  10. bmcewan

    Problem with RMA Return contribution

    in your post above you say you are still getting TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TICKET_STATUS instead of what you have defined yet you say you have defined using the following (define,'TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_TICKETS_STATUS', 'WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO SAY') you have a spelling difference that may prevent this from working TICKETS & TICKET notice the difference. cheers barry
  11. If you percivere with it you should be able to get this working, chances are that you have not passed the variables properly through the checkout procedure. If i remember right the original variables are $option and $value. They should be $option_id and $value_id. But like i said earlier use a diff program to pick out the proper changes don't just dive in and change all the variables as named above as you could break the cart. hope this helps cheers barry
  12. The last version the mod was released for was MS1, i can not comment on any CVS version after MS1 (mid february) as i have not looked at one. The CVS versions are a work in progress and code changes are made daily so it can be difficult to keep contributions up to date and offer support. My advice is use MS1 as it is a stable release and is well supported and the majority of contributions released in the psat few months are written or updated for MS1. cheers barry
  13. You need to be pretty careful when you are installing this mod, use a good diff program suchas beyond compare or examdiff to pick out changes. If you follow the readme file to the letter and use a diff program you will be ok. What you have found is not a bug, but probably a symptom of something you've missed. I assume you are using MS1 and not a CVS version. cheers barry
  14. yep, its the mod 10. I remember some months ago a post regarding some uk switch cards did not conform to the mod10 standards, i had forgotten about that until a day or so ago but it still didn't register until just now. Find below the fix, posted in another topic; hope this helps cheers barry
  15. cc, i think its got something to do with the mod10 algorithm, i have seen a post on this recently i'll try and find it cheers barry