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  1. This is the Support tread for the CSV Shipping Module: This is a Shipping module driven by CSV. The shop owner can create their own CSV file and not be limited to one shipper, thus offering their customers a better / fairer shipping rate. The rate is driven by the postal code and the CSV file can contain as many different rates as you have postal codes. There is the ability to set the price level at which point the shipping become free and also who the shipper is. There is a rate estimator on the Shopping Cart page plus how much more to spend to qualify for free shipping. It carries the correct shipping rate through the checkout process. There is no weight option. All credit for putting this together for me must go to Gary (Burt on the forums). I hope others find it as useful as I do.
  2. Fourpaws

    Links Manager II

    Is there a way to "preference" sort the links on the shop side? (I am using ver 2.2 RC2a)
  3. Does this post help http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/286819-setchange-default-shipping-method/
  4. Fourpaws

    Imprint Text Options

    Try http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8193 Chris did it so I dont believe that you should have any issues with it,
  5. Fourpaws

    Using table by total price

    Use a Table Rate shipping module. In your example above the formula would be: 4.50:1.99,9.00:3.99 Next block down, activate the "Price" radio button
  6. Try Dunwebs Option Types 2.3.1. Its option types 2 converted.
  7. Fourpaws

    One Page Checkout Support

    Ignore previous post - it needed defining
  8. Fourpaws

    One Page Checkout Support

    I have this installed on my store as well as Discount Coupon Codes (by KGT Contribution 4269) I have just also installed CSS Buttons (Contribution 3328) and cannot get the Redeem Button to show on the "One Page Checkout" page. I think that the line that needs changing is the following, but what do I change it to - any ideas? <td class="main">' . tep_image_submit('button_redeem.gif', IMAGE_REDEEM_VOUCHER, 'id="voucherRedeem"') . '</td>
  9. Fourpaws

    What i must install first OPC or PWA

    The OPC (Contribution 6646) gives you an option in its settings to specify if you want your customers to create an account or not. There would then be no need to use the PWA contribution.
  10. There is also: Option Types V2 but neither have been converted to 2.3.1. yet
  11. Fourpaws

    Purchase without account

    Look in Configuration/Customer Details/Purchase without account
  12. Fourpaws

    One Page Checkout Support

    For others that are having this problem, I have posted a fix to this problem here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/338661-contribution-option-types-v2/page__st__580__gopid__1559766#entry1559766
  13. Fourpaws

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I had a problem with the "One Page Checkout" contribution number 6646, where if I changed the quantity it lost the text details. To fix it: In includes/classes/shopping_cart.php find $this->contents[$products_id_string] = array('qty' => (int)$quantity); Change this to: if (isset($this->contents[$products_id_string]) && isset($this->contents[$products_id_string]['qty'])) { $this->contents[$products_id_string]['qty'] = (int)$quantity; } else { $this->contents[$products_id_string] = array('qty' => (int)$quantity); } Its not my fix, I posting it hoping someone else will also benefit.
  14. I would like to place a link in one of my left hand boxes and not showing the other boxes on the site (was thinking about putting it in my Categories box or Information Box) - But I would like that link only to appear once the customer has "Recently Viewed" something. Has anyone done this and if so would you mind sharing the code?
  15. Fourpaws

    Table Rate Shipping

    I am using a three differnt Table Rate Shipping modules depending on shipping method. The tables are "Price" based. I have a question as regards these. Say someone purchases for $100 and above they qualify for free shipping, otherwise shipping is say $10 - no issues doing this BUT here is my issue. If someone purchases for $99 they would have to pay $109 versus someone buying for $100 and paying only $100. Any ideas on how I program into the table that if they buy for $90 and above to only charge a total of $100 including the shipping. (so for $99 they only pay $1 for shipping in the example above)
  16. Fourpaws

    One Page Checkout Support

    try the old includes/checkout/cart.php that has the cart update button Steve Besides changing the "cart.php" file has anyone else had this issue and been able to solve it? Also is changing the cart.php file still going to work with the current version?
  17. I have installed this on my localhost before I put it on my live shop. Two suggestions for this contribution. 1) Put in a message in the "Better Together" section saying "Discount will be applied on Checkout" (I initally thought that it was not working) 2) The ability to be able to setup discount codes via the Admin section as opposed to coding them in "catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_better_together.php" I have managed the first, otherwise it looks great.
  18. Fourpaws

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I would like some information pages viewable by Logged in users only. Is there a way that I can make this do-able?
  19. Fourpaws

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Thanks for the suggestions - I will play around over the weekend.
  20. Fourpaws

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hi Zappo thanks for the reply. That limits the length which I have already set (to 15). I wish to only allow my customers to enter "A,B,C,D..." etc etc and NOT allow other characters for example "!,@,$,&..." etc etc as the wheel on the embossing machine does not have these characters on it. In other words a character validation check.
  21. Fourpaws

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Is there a way to limit what characters somebody can put into a Text field? I sell Embossed Dog tags and the embossing wheel only has certain characters on it and limiting what the customer can put into the field would be awesome.
  22. Fourpaws

    Links Manager II

    Has anyone thought about using this contribution as a basis for a "Classifieds" section? It has most of the functionality that you would need.
  23. Fourpaws

    "customer product entry"

    Try "Customer Add Product" contribution (number 2890)
  24. Great Contribution - thanks for your efforts. Is there a way to get rid of the "Results per page" and "Sort order" but still keep the "Display 1 to 4 (of 8 products) and "Results page 1,2 (Next..) I read post 861 and changed the setting to "0" but it also gets rid of the "Display..." and "Results..."