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  1. There is some way to insert the information about the product directly trough product notifications? As far as i understood, product notification let's you build a template, then the person who subscribed the PN , receive a mail with the template you subscribed. but there is a way to insert the info about the product you want to send? (product price, link and overview, for example). is this possible?
  2. Panduzzo

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hi there, great contrib, is the one i was searching for!!! I was just curious to know if there is some way to show the bid list in the admin section, for each product? Is possible or is still in the TODO list? Thanks a lot, you are gr8!
  3. Hi there! I was just wondering if exist a contrib for oscommerce that can permit to store certain type of orders in a different page, and order them(in the admin sections) I give an example: I got a store, in which , from the admin side,i want to have one page for the normal orders, and one page for the direct offers, and the need to have a filter which can tell me who has offered more for that products. it exist or i've to script it by myself? :'( thanks a lot for the help , in advance.
  4. Panduzzo

    Customer Add Product

    Hi there, and congratulation for the nice contrib:). Just want to know one thing: there is some way to make a single page in the admin section with the sum of the submissions taken with this contrib? So , it would be more easy and intuitive to approve/not approve products to sell trough the portal!! If not, how can i do it? :thumbsup: Thanks a lot for your time and keep up a good work! :lol:
  5. Do you know a way to make me send a mail, trough the admin panel, to send a mail of a product notification o newsletter to only one groups? I explain it better: I got a stock of 400 dvd, and i've 2 groups: clients, suppliers. Now, i want to send a mail that i put the stock online only to the clients groups. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for the help ;)
  6. Panduzzo

    Mail Payment Module?

    pm'ed ;-)
  7. Panduzzo

    Mail Payment Module?

    Hey there!! I just want to know one thing: there exists a payment module which only writes an email to the administrator with the object purchased? I do an example: i purchase 400 dvd, and i proceed to checkout, then, after the confirmation, a mail is sent to theowner with the purchased items list, completed of all the valors, then the owner decide to contact the purchaser. Thanks in advance for the help :)