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  1. frieda

    Catalogue Request V1.0

    This is because Catalogue Request only works with php4 and your server probably has php5. I was hoping someone would make a version that works with php5, because I don't know what to change. Unfortunately it seems that hardly anybody uses this add-on and I can't find another add-on that does the same
  2. We are using the catalogue request add-on on our website and got errors on the form. My hosting service provider told me that this is because it is not working with php5. Is there an update for php5 and if not what should be changed?? Thanks in advance
  3. I have the same problem with 4.4g and was wondering if someone knows where to change the code?
  4. frieda

    Catalogue Request V1.0

    I am trying to install v2.0 but also missing the catalogue_request.php file I love the contribution and this file would make it perfect.