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  1. pamelasplayroom

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    hi mark. its a good ad on isnt it. i had the same problem with some of my pictures, and worked round it like this. i use photoshop to make sure that the picture of the product looks as good as it can (without deceiving the customer), and then save it as a .psd file, and a jpeg using the save for web and devices at my default resolution (750pix by whatever it works out to). keep the photo open in photoshop. i use this as my default image and upload it via the add products section of the admin area. i allow the contrib to create the 3 image set, and then look at them in the live site. keep the admin area of the shop and the user area of the shop open in separate browser windows. if im not happy with the resizing that the contrib dose, i make a note of the image size, and go back to the original . psd file, and save for web and devices with the same filename that the contrib created, and the appropriate image size. then upload the new file via ftp, and its all good. refresh the user window of your browser to check that all is ok. it sounds complicated, but once you have done it a couple of times and you get used to swapping between aplications, its real quick. i must say that i only need to do this for around 10% of the pictures that i put on the site. i must also say that i need to go and reedit around 1% of the original pictures in photoshop as they look bad when photoshop saves them. maybe im using awkward pictures, but it does go to show that even a dedicated picture editing application cant get it right all the time. hope this helps.
  2. pamelasplayroom

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    doh....i must have looked at just about every file with popup in the name bar this one. many thanks surfalot. i added the mod as suggested, but found that the width was too much and the descriptive text for the images ended up alongside the picture instead of underneath it. its a simple fix to combine the original code and the changed code so that the width is set by the image, and the height is set by the screen height. here is the mod if (document.getElementById("mainimage")) window.resizeTo(<?php echo (!empty($imagemenu->maximagewidth)?$imagemenu->maximagewidth:'document.getElementById("mainimage").width'); ?>+<?php echo $extra_window_width; ?>, screen.height); all fixed now. again, thanks surfalot.
  3. pamelasplayroom

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    hi all. mod installed and working fine, and modified to add a side scroll bar to the pop up window (but i cant remember what file i changed, it was a long time ago) im not sure if i can do what i want, and if i can im not sure what files to edit. when i re size my pictures in photoshop, i have a standard large picture size of 750px by whatever it works out to (maintaining aspect ratio). the problem that i have run into is if i upload a picture that is 750px by say 1247px, the pop up box is so large (tall) that it is larger than the screen and the bottom of the pop up box is off the bottom of the screen. this means that when the user scrolls down with the scroll bar, they dont get to see the other pictures they can choose to look at in the pop up window as they are off the bottom of the screen. so....how and where do i limit the size (height) of the pop up window to the size of the browser window when it wants to display a tall image. the full image will still be viewable via the scroll bar, and the other images will be able to be viewed and selected when the user gets to the bottom of the window. if the height has to be fixed to something like 800px, then thats fine as the user can manually re size the window, and then use the scroll bar. not as elegant as doing it automatically, but i can live with that as a fix. its probably something simple that i have missed, but i havnt looked at the osc or mod code for over a year now, and my design notes seem to have got lost in the house move. any help gratefully appreciated.
  4. pamelasplayroom

    Flat rate plus per item

    thanks hari. do you think that you could give me a link to the contrib that you used. i have tried this one (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1333) but all that happens is that the shipping options are not displayed in the checkout process, and no amount is added on or displayed for the shipping anywhere. the contrib was added with no errors and none are displayed during normal use. i assume that having other shipping modules active/installed wont interfere with the operation of this module. i also have the paypal payments pro, and pay without account contribs integrated (these are the only ones to do with payment/shipping) any help gratefully accepted many thanks
  5. pamelasplayroom

    Flat rate plus per item

    hi there. i want to do a similar thing to you and wondered if you can you tell me what module you are referring to, or provide a link, as there are so many shipping modules and i dont seem to be able to find the one that you used. many thanks.
  6. pamelasplayroom

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    hi all. just added wishlist 3.5 to the shop to see how it worked, and i like it, but i have some questions now. is it possible to remove the email and comments section from the list by entering 0 for the number of emails to display. at the moment if you enter 0 for the number of emails in the admin section it kicks out an error. it would make things tidier for the next question. is it possible to have other people see the wishlist on the site (but not modify it). instead of emailing the list to people, is it posible to have the wishlist viewable by people so that the creator of the list can just tell people where to go to view the list. this saves having to get emails for everyone, and if people get invited to a party or such after the list is first created and sent out, the creator of the list wont need to re email it to the new guest, but just tell them where to go, and the name to enter to view (and purchase from) the list. to go with this, could the person viewing the wishlist add an item to there cart, pay for it, and have it shipped to the wishlist owner, and then removed from the list so that once the item had been purchased a duplicate could not be purchased by someone else.? this would be a great addition to this mod, but my php skills (or lack of) prevent me from being able to code this. would anyone like to try?? if anyone can suggest ways this could be done, or modify this mod to perform the above, or know of a mod that already works like this, it would help me out no end. many thanks.
  7. pamelasplayroom

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    hi all. just to let you know that all is sorted out now. if you want to get a scroll bar in the pop up window so that you can use pictures that are larger than the screen area its a simple mod to do. go to popup_add_image.php and edit function popupWindow(url) { window.open(url,'popupWindow','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=yes,copyhistory=no,width=100,height=100,screenX=150,screenY=150,top=15 0,left=150') } to set scrollbars to yes. go to product_info.php and do the same. thats it, nice and easy. hope this helps someone.
  8. pamelasplayroom

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    hi all. love this mod, lifts the site above the rest of the shops and gives the customer plenty to look at and do. i have just found the answer to 2 problems that i was having, the directory reversal problem and the filename length problem. this just leaves the last one. i have images that i want to display quite large on the screen (800 by ????) preserving the aspect ratio of the image. some of the images come out at 800x559 etc, and others at 800x1222 etc. the problem is that when the image loads into the pop up window, and has a size of 800x1222 i dont get a scroll bar at the side of the window to look at the bottom part of the screen, and thus cant select any other images, or see the botom of the one that brought up the window. i could set the vertical size to 600 when i re size the image, but that would loose detail (width would be close to 400) any one got any ideas of how to get the scroll bar to come up (i dont think that its a firefox setting as most other sites with large image sizes have it, but i have found a couple that it didnt happen on) some help on this would be greatly appreciated. many thanks.
  9. pamelasplayroom

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hi all. this is a great mod, i love it. however, i have found one shortfall in it when editing a previously created set. if i have a set that contains 3 selections, and i want to increase the number of selections to 5 as new ones have become available, how do i do this without deleting the set and re creating it. if the set is deleted it will be removed from all products that use that set, and then need to be re added. is there a way to add a button to add a new set element, like the remove from set button, or some way to modify the set array size. im off now to investigate what happens when i start poking around in the db tables, but if anyone knows a better way that would be great. many thanks.
  10. pamelasplayroom

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    hi all. was just having another look at this and thought that i would test some of the site functionality and found that the add to cart button is broken (and im sure that i will find other bits that dont work). this is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_quantity() in /home/pamelas/public_html/shop/includes/application_top.php on line 358 it looks like this contrib has made a bit of a mess of the shop front end, and i am seriously thinking about removing it. its a shame as its exactly what i want, but its no good if it wont work. i am now worried about it affecting the paypal websites payment pro module, and other mods that i have already installed. im off to check that i followed the instructions to the letter, and if no one can help me then the mod has to go. any ideas?????? many thanks.
  11. pamelasplayroom

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    hi all. i have a problem with this contrib. i am getting the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: count_contents() in /home/pamelas/public_html/shop/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php on line 28 i have checked this thread for answers and found this the problem is, i had that code in the catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php file before i started the install, its still there, and i cant seem to get rid of the error. i don t know why its started now as all was fine before the install, and there are no mods that have any code to do with the count_contents() function that i can find. can someone please help.