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  1. Hi, I got the same problem here anyone cured this yet please?
  2. Any information on this one really need to get it finished now! I belive if you are viewing this screen, you are using a diffrent Contrib... this is what the screen looks like in Custom PC Creator 2.0 BETA and NOT Custom Computer Creator Make sure you are looking at the correct support thread. I made the same mistake... JK Hi, Jurgen. Yes this is the correct version in the admin section?
  3. Any information on this one really need to get it finished now!
  4. Anyone know what should be included in the download, because I think some items are missing?
  5. Right this little lot is not showing in my admin probably why I can't get anything working!
  6. According to the downloads/contributions section it is the latest version!
  7. Hi. Don't know if this has been answered, done the searches etc nothing came back. How do you change the $ currency for the ? currency?
  8. Anyone comment on this please?
  9. Right one last problem I hope? I get this fatal error now any pointers appreciated. :huh: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_not_null() in /home/apetest/public_html/catalog/includes/classes/language.php on line 74
  10. Just to let you know sorted the information.sql isn't included in the latest download! Need to find the sort icon now as that doesn't appear to be there?
  11. trying to get info pages 1.1g installed and working but the instructions seem to lead you into different folder file placement. When you run the files they aren't where the code is supposed to see them? Anyway got over that by moving the files into where they are being called from and I get this: Information ERROR: Unknown column 'languages_id' in 'where clause' anyone ideas on this little problem? :(
  12. Pnop

    Free pay module

    Anyone got help for this one need to offer checkout from free download!
  13. Hi, Guys. Looking for a free ot a non payment required option for the check out. Has anyone built one or modified another payment option to allow this method of checkout?
  14. Spot on freerap. That's the trouble with working on it long hours you don't look for the simple! or just don't see it? Thanks anyway, much appreciated. ;)