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  1. Kyrsten


    I tried this contrib and it worked great, install was easy. I uninstalled it though because I have a few thousand unique Sku's in my catalog currently and several more thousand yet to be added. I was wondering if there was anyway to have this contrib auto pick 3 items from random from the same category to appear if no specific SKU's are pre-set manually. I gave up after about 450 items of manually adding SKU's to each item, especially with the thought that when I add more items I will have to go back to all these items again to change the numbers for SKU as new similar items are added to get them in on the rotation. Great contrib, don't get me wrong, but for heavily populated existing stores it is a royal pain in the butt to go in and set up all those manual SKU's on each individual item, especially when adding more products for sale should be a bigger priority. If anyone knows of a way to add an automated feature when SKU's aren't manually entered then this contrib would really kick butt!
  2. I have the same above problem, I have tried the same above fix, but my seo.class.php file doesn't have the code "to replace" in it anywhere to make and try the changes. And I am possitive the code to replace isn't there, I used Ctrl F to find a snipet of the code through the document and nothing matched it or was close.
  3. Kyrsten

    Pay Pal IPN

    I have looked over all the Pay Pal contributions and I am unsure which contribution it is that I actually need. I have Pay Pal as a payment option on my site, but other than having a Premier/Business account I do not have anything additional with Pay Pal for payments (such as virtual terminal etc.). I do have a stand alone merchant account for credit card processing which works fine, but when I recently had a Pay Pal payment and order nothing from the order showed up in the order section of admin, the email from Pay Pal to notify me of the payment received did not have any of the shopping cart information so I had absolutely no idea what was ordered, for that I had to go and look up the information in the person's basket in the SQL database and manually enter all the information into the proper table manually for it to show up in the admin section. What I am trying to accomplish is for all items ordered and paid with Pay Pal for the order to show up in admin, for the item to not remain in the person's basket on site as though it was never ordered, and for the Pay Pal email to list the product ordered in addition to the tax and shipping charges, which do appear. I presume that after a Pay Pal payment that it does not revert back to my website order complete page, which would be nice also, but not essential. Thank you in advance for pointing me in the proper direction of which contribution it is that I actually need to resolve this issue.
  4. Kyrsten

    Merchant Plus

    I have installed this contribution and tested it. While the installation process seems to go good, when i tested it on site, when I went to complete the final checkout process I received this error: Warning: fopen(./authnet_debug.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/collwod0/public_html/includes/modules/navigate_direct.php on line 125 Warning: fputs(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/collwod0/public_html/includes/modules/navigate_direct.php on line 126 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/collwod0/public_html/includes/modules/navigate_direct.php on line 127 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/collwod0/public_html/includes/modules/navigate_direct.php:125) in /home/collwod0/public_html/includes/functions/general.php on line 33 BUT the transaction shows on Merchant Plus website and is authorized just fine, orders show in OSC admin just fine, so everything is WORKING but it appears to the customer as though their order didn't go through, but in actuality it does.
  5. I just posted this in the contributions in hope for some help to make it functionable. Once key thing that I am looking for, that is built into the standard OSC Credit Card Module, which this contribution wants you to uninstall is writing the first 4 and last 4 credit card digits to the data base and the option of emailing me the 8 middle digits, in the event of a problem so that I have the full credit card number to process via virtual terminal if need be. I also have at least one contribution installed into the standard OSC credit card module that I would have to some how modify into this for it to work, which is the Indiv. Ship module, although that part I think I might be able to make functionable. Any of the coding geniuses here that could help make this work it would be greatly appreciated. Ideally if this code could somehow be integrated into the current credit card module installation on Osc Admin instead of a stand alone additional module would be a HUGE bonus! I have a total of 15 days to be complaint and have my shop live and functioning with their software installed or they will cancel my merchant account, today is day 1. They did also provide me another module, but it is a generic module and not OSC specific, if that module might be easier to work with, please let me know and I would be happy to provide that code as well. Thanks so VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY much to all those who can help me!! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5137
  6. Kyrsten

    Merchant Plus

    Ok, I am now with Merchant Plus and just downloaded their module and I am lost as all get out, does anyone know if there is a Contribution here for Merchant Plus, NaviGate, or a generic version that can be addapted easily to any merchant processor?
  7. Kyrsten

    Merchant Plus

    Is anyone familiar with Merchant Plus payment service? I just signed up with them since their fees are lower than Pay Pal Website Pro and I found them as being very highly recommended on CNet. I was searching for a contribution that would work with them and found nothing. They offer free use of the NaviGate gateway system, but I found no contributions for them either. I guess it really isn't a big deal, I can manually process through virtual terminal until things pick up and my site is more indexed and getting more orders. They do also use Authorize.net for an additional $9.95 a month which I know is compatible on here, which for me was a failsafe to choose them, worse case scenerio I can use the Authorize.net option, but honestly until traffic warrants it, I think I will opt for the virtual terminal manually. What does anyone think of Authorize.net and are there any other fees other than the flat monthly fee that Merchant Plus isn't possibly telling me about since I didn't opt for it when I signed up since I plan on changing to it as the need arises if I have to. Any thoughts or feelings on Authorize.net or Merchant Plus/NaviGate are highly welcomed and appreciated!
  8. I have a question that is general to all contributions. I have added several different contributions to my site. Somewhere along the line I now have several error problems. The site itself doesn't show any problems, but I can no longer edit items to the catalog through admin without having to reupload the images for the item every time I make an edit, whenever I try to save an edit of an item, category, or add a new item, while the changes do take effect, I receive a page not found message when clicking save. This problem has now spawned over to when I make revisions through MySql now as well. What I am wanting to do to correct the problem, since I have a few contributions as well that I had added and then removed via following the install instructions in the reverse order (such as copy and pasting the text to find in the instructions back into a file that were originally replaced). If I reupload fresh select files that I have on my hard drive from Oscommerce, not a complete re-install, just uploading the handful of files I know I have edited with contribution information previously, and then re-edit the fresh upload with the contributions I know to work without issues, will I lose the items in my shop or any of the functionability of my shop? Will I lose the catalog and 1,000+ items I have in it and have to start from scratch in that aspect? I can't restore my database through the admin section, as right from the start before ever adding any contributions to my site I have always had errors with that, don't know why as it was a fresh install, but I always have gotten these errors: Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 369 Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 370 . Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 389 12/31/1969 19:00:00 Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 390 0 bytes .. Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/.. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 389 12/31/1969 19:00:00 Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/.. in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 390 0 bytes backup.php Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/backup.php in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 389 12/31/1969 19:00:00 Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backups/backup.php in /home/collwod0/public_html/admin/backup.php on line 390 0 bytes I know replacing the files edited with contributions won't fix this particular problem, as it is one I have had from the get go from my installation of OScommerce, but I am not looking to fix that particular issue, just the others that I have gained as a result of installing contributions that didn't work, didn't do quite what I wanted to and I had since found a different better contribution to do what I wanted, but if I have to redo all of the 1000+ catalog items in reuploading 12-14 fresh copies of Oscommerce files than I am gong to rethink doing that and looking for the errors in each file line by line instead. I have a feeling that I should be OK in not losing any catalog items, since I can see everything stored fine in MySql, and I am not looking to edit anything in My Sql, as I have removed any tables inserted and re-edited and table edited to their original state on any contribution removals I have done, strictly files in my Oscommerce install such as Admin/categories.php, includes/languages/english/product_info.php and files similar to this. Anyone who can help in verifying that uploading fresh vanilla random files to restart the addition of contributions process that I know work and are what I am looking for without losing the store itself it is GREATLY appreciated!! Additionally, if anyone has any other recommendations for repairing problems, your help is also GREATLY appreciated!
  9. Kyrsten

    Which one is best

    In searching all the contributions I have found several different contributions to address the issue of image resizing and eliminating the stretch that appears with a vanilla Oscommerce install. In looking at all of these different contributions I have found that some have countless bug updates, some have complaints of not working right so I wanted to ask those in the know here on the forum, which contribution is most recommended? What I am looking for is something that keeps the original image proportions or allows for an item by item image size selection (although I haven't seen any contributions that offer that, but I could be missing it). Thanks in advance for everyone's input and help :thumbsup:
  10. I installed today Ultimate SEO ver 2.1d, then after I installed it everything was running fine, but I noticed the URL's it was producing wasn't quite what I thought it would be I updated to Ultimate SEO's ver 2.1d with optional Admin settable product and category URL's. Since doing this my site seems slow as mollasses, I then updated the fixed seo_class.php from March, 2007, thinking possibly that might be my problem, not so. I have reset my SEO cache as the instructions have said to do, I followed the instructions on the updates to a T, including the "additional" instructions with the settable URL's. I tried on my first category to change to a settable URL and I notice that every time I make an Edit I have to upload every picture file when I make an edit or the image is no longer present. The site is still slow as mollasses, the settable category URL's makes a longer URL than before adding a whole bunch of numbers to the end of the URL, than before I manually set it in the URL shown when I test it on the site, so after the first category I stopped. Is there some setting I do not have correct that is causing the images to have to be re-uploaded with every edit I do? Is there a setting that needs edited to make the pages load faster? I left everything the way it was defaulted to after the installations, with the only Osc store confirguration being done was to reset the SEO cache. What am I doing wrong to get a URL without all the extra mumbo jumbo? If any one wants to look at the site to see what I am referring to its www.collegenuthut.com the category I tried the settable URL was Alabama Crimson Tide, all the other categories, which actually look much cleaner than the one I set the URL for, are untouched with the settable URL feature. Is it possible with this contribution of SEO to get urls such as: www.collegenuthut.com/Alabama-Crimson-Tide/Wall-Clock or am I just expecting more than what is possible? Thank you very much in advance to all of those who can help!!
  11. I have downloaded from the contributions section of osCommerce several templates, buttons, and logo creation templates that can be made cutsomizable, but they all seem to require Adobe Photoshop to do so, which I don't have. I looked on Adobe's website, and I see there is a 30 day trial available, the price to buy Photoshop is out of my range. Does anyone know if the 30 day trial allows full use of the software without any sort of copyright on the images made with it or any other limitations during the trial period to where I could use that and make sure I get everything I want to done in 30 days? Is there another software available that is not quite as expensive that will open PSD files? Are there other types of software that I can try to make my own from scracth that won't open PSD files, but will create the templates, buttons and logo's I am in need of in a similar manner? Sorry for such a newbie question but I really don't know much about graphics creation software and what is the best all in one solution that is a little more affordable than Photoshop and I really don't have the extra funds to play the trial and error game of buying software only to get it home and find out that it doesn't do what I am really looking for. Thank you in advance to all who reply, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!