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    Coolmenu Feature..

    Hi, I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution? I've narrowed it down to a problem with the code in /includes/boxes/coolmenu.php. The code is rendering html into a <script> block. I'm running this under Windows so I think it may have something to do with these files containing carriage return and line feed characters rather than just line feed characters. There is character substitution code to replace the line feed characters. JR
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    You need to do a little extra checking. However I'm pretty sure that one or more of you category names contains letters that need special attention. See my previous post on apostrophes. - Use IE and try to view you osCommerce site. - Note down the line number and Char number of the error. - Close the error window that you described. - In IE select the menu item View / Source. Notepad will open and you will see the resulting html that the osCommerce PHP code generates. - Select View / Status bar to see the line number where the cursor is located at the bottom of Notepad. - Scroll down until you are on the line number causing the error. - You should see the line starte with oCMenu.makeMenu( - The third single quoted parameter after oCMenu.makeMenu( is your category name with the offending character. - The Char number you jotted down is the position from the left on that line where the offending character is located. - If you have an apostrophe in you category name see my previous post for the solution. - Other characters may cause such an error in Javascript. If you cannot identify the character post offending line to this forum. JR
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    Displaying categories_name with apostrophes in CoolMenus Since an apostrophe is a meaning character in Javascript they must be replaced with the html entity equivalent of ' At line 198 of CoolMenu.php change the lines: // remove blanks $categories[$i]['text'] = substr($categories[$i]['text'], 12*$blank_length); to: // substitute apostrophes with the ' entity $category_text = str_replace("'", "'", $categories[$i]['text']); // remove blanks $categories[$i]['text'] = substr($category_text, 12*$blank_length); I will also add this in a text to the CoolMenus contribution files. J.R. Heisey http://www.druesfinejewelry.com
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    New database layout.

    This is an old thread but I thought that I would add my two cents and I have a somewhat related question about the products_model field. 1) I agree that if the osc_products_description table is specifically for providing the same description of a particular product in various languages then having the products_model field is not relevant to this design purpose. That is unless the products_model field was the key field. 2) I noticed that in the 3.0 code the products_model field length, of the osc_products_description table, is 16 when it was previously 12. However the products_model field length in the osc_orders_products table is still 12. 3) I have product model values that are 16 bytes in a new line of products that I am adding to my osc 2.2 site. I am contemplating customizing the database schema to accommodate the larger model numbers. I have a similar issue with two other fields. In general I don't like the idea of doing a customization due to possible upgrade issues. Also, it doesn't look like the web interface has any knowledge of field lengths. Is that true? I am an experienced software engineer so I can handle anything that may come along but I want the work load to be manageable. Any one have any experiences with customizing the osc database schema? Thanks, J.R. Heisey DruesFineJewelry.com