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  1. rainey


    Hello, I have not found the first data link sorry. I've been working on removing my account signin pages... :blink:
  2. thanks spooks, I saw some but it requires replacing PHP files which makes me nervous. I've modified some of the files the want me to import.. I like your way. Adding code to existing PHP files.
  3. rainey


    Hello JR, I went to the site and found they do have the source codes to add to an existing OS mod. However, I'm not a coder :blink: I did see one post that listed the lines to edit but I did not save the link..DUH! I'll look again and repost the link here. Rainey
  4. Sam the Man!!! Thank you. I love it!!!! The only thing I may need to adjust is making all of the boxes the same height without making the picture out of porportion. I will re-read your notes on this. Do you have a contribution on how to remove the login page so customers can go stright to checkout? Rainey :D
  5. Hello Sam I downloaded the file and it's requesting a password. Should I try another file? thanks again for all your help.
  6. rainey


    Hello, I would like this information also. Thanks
  7. rainey

    Header Tags for novices

    Hello GemRock, I need your help. Your Contribution Header Tags for Novice ver 2. can't get inot my catalog folder anymore. I sent you an e-mail with the error and the application code. Everything else is just fine :) Error: Cannot locate object in application header.php line 189 Thanks, Sheryl