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    Options as images

    I'm still having problems with using the "option type" contrib with the "option as images" contribution. I took a look at the files lildog mentioned, but I couldn't find out what was causing the problem. I still can't get the options as images contribution to not affect the "text" option feature from the option type contribution. In the admin for "option as images", I have it selected so that it will not activate for the "text" input attribute, but it still changes the text field to a drop down box. What can I do to prevent the option as images contribution from setting the "Text Field" attribute as a "selection box"?? There was an earlier contribution which was supposed to allow the "options as images" contrib to work with the "option types" contribution, but it didn't work for me. It looks like it was never updated to work with the newer releases. Any advice would be great Thanks!
  2. fantasyembroidery

    Options as images

    Hello, Our site already had the "product attribute - option type" contribution installed, and after installing the "Options as images" contribution, the attributes are not working properly. For example, the option type contribution allows customers to enter text into a text field as one of the product options, but after installing the options as images contrib, the text box is now a drop down menu and you cannot type into it. I also noticed that in the admin setting for the options as images, it says that it is enabled for all of the product options, yet I never set them for as being enabled. Is there a way I can set it not to activate for one option, such as the text box attribute?? Please let me know what I should do. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how I could offer a Free Shipping option for orders over $25.00 with Google Checkout. I still want the other options to show, such as express mail, but I would also want the customer to have an option for the free shipping offer. I would like an offer similar to what amazon.com offers, where you can choose the free shipping offer with a slower delivery service, and still have the options for the faster delivery service at your cost. Currently I'm using the carrier calculated shipping option, not the merchant calculated shipping option. Also, I can't get the USPS Priority Mail option to work with the carrier calculated shipping option in Google Checkout. I did notice that the "Priority Mail" was "\" commented out in the \catalog\googlecheckout\shipping_methods_ccs.php file. When I remove the commented out part, the Priority Mail feature works, but only at the defaulted value. Please let me know if there is anyway to get the "Priority Mail" feature to work with carrier calculated shipping. Thank you so much.