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  1. vibe107fm

    Parceline Shipping Contrib?

    Hiya. Is there a Parceline Shipping Contrib anywhere? Thanks Andy
  2. Will this tracking contrib work with Royal Mail UK Special Delivery track and trace codes? Thanks
  3. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    forgot to ask.... any idea's where the file/details would be for my store site/layout/fonts would be? so i can change the layout of gallery(_user).php
  4. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    hey Matt, thanks for the reply to my post. just read your above message, and had a look at your site.... let me know if you want a domain name and hosting (totally free).... think this is a brilliant contrib.... only thing i woould like in return is some help with finishing my site.... like a logo made.... only small things! Thanks again, Andy
  5. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    http://www.alpha-model-sports.com/test_store3/gallery.php As you can see the fonts cant be seen and also the left and right sizes are too big.... any way i can change the size so it looks like the rest of the store? Thanks
  6. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    How can I get the gallery to use my stores stylesheet. as at the moment, all the fint colours and layout is all over the place! thanks, andy
  7. vibe107fm

    Printable Catalogue Problem

    http://www.alpha-model-sports.com/test_sto...with_images.php IS THE LINK SORRY!
  8. Hiya. I have a problem with my printable catalogue contrib that I have just installed. i am wanting the layout the same as http://shop.heli.me.uk/catalog_products_with_images.php but mine is all over the place and the font colours are all wrong! This is my site, www.alpha-model-sports.com/test_store3/ Hope someone can help me, andy
  9. Hiya. I have just installed Discount Coupon codes, but when i add a product to my cart, then checkout, i get the following error! Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks, Andy 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'or z2g.zone_id = 0 or z2g.zone_id IS NULL ) SELECT dc2z.geo_zone_id FROM discount_coupons_to_zones dc2z LEFT JOIN zones_to_geo_zones z2g USING( geo_zone_id ) WHERE ( z2g.zone_id= or z2g.zone_id = 0 or z2g.zone_id IS NULL ) AND ( z2g.zone_country_id= or z2g.zone_country_id = 0 ) AND dc2z.coupons_id="10% Off" [TEP STOP]
  10. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Sorry, think i didnt make sence! The bit i mean is the box around the word Photo Gallery in the attached image: www.alpha-model-sports.com/pic.jpg Hope you see what I mean!!! Thanks again, Andy
  11. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hiya Matt, Thanks for the reply, works brilliany again! Just 1 final question, how can i change the word "Photo Gallery" in gallery.php so it only says Photo Gallery without any box around it? Get what I mean? lol
  12. Hiya im using More pics (version 1.3b) but once i have installed it and added the database tables) its not working at all! In my admin screen, the more pics link is showing up in the Configeration page, but there is no extra fields in the page where you add the product images.... in other words, its just the same as it was (adding product images!) Any idea whats up? Hope you can help, Andy
  13. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hiya Kenny, yes thats exacly what I mean mate.... Any ideas how to remove the blue box from around the word "Photo Gallery" on gallery.php? Would just like it to say Photo Gallery, but no box, just the words if you get me? Thanks again for your help mate, Andy
  14. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Oh forgot to ask, is there any way I can change the layout of the gallery.php and gallery_user.php so that the images are not side by side, but in a "tower" formation? Thanks again for your help, and by the way, what a brilliant Contrib! Andy
  15. Hiya. just downloaded the v1.3b, but cant find the full install manual for a modded store. Does anyone have a copy of it? Thanks Andy
  16. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hiya. Got it working at last!!! but any ideas on how to change this to english? Klik hier om uw eigen foto's toe te voegen aan deze gallerij. Also, how can i remove the box at the top of the gallery.php page, where it says photo gallery, then has a little .gif (/images/table_background_specials.gif). I would like it just to say Gallery in a single box.... if you get me!!! Thanks, Andy
  17. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    hiya Kenny, From my server_info.php (catalogue/admin/) this is the info i can find on the PHP server: Database: MySQL 4.0.30-log Does this matter?
  18. Hiya. I would like a way to insert a Video as a product image... is this possible? The reason for this, is due to us selling Radio Controlled models, and it would be great if there was a way that we could add a product video, so customers can see what the model is actually like in, lets say, flight mode! Is there any ideas who this can be done? Thanks Andy
  19. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hiya. Thanks for the reply, just checked the SQL, and its still the same..... used the one supplied with the contrib, but still the same error! (no gallery table too)! any ideas?
  20. vibe107fm

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hiya. I am installing the Photogallery on my store, but there seems to be an error in the SQL as I get this error message: Any ideas whats up? Thanks Error SQL-query : CREATE TABLE `gallery` ( `id` int( 4 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `cID` int( 4 ) NOT NULL , `pID` int( 4 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `id` ) )ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 COLLATE = latin1_general_ci AUTO_INCREMENT =18 MySQL said: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COLLATE=latin1_general_ci AUTO_INCREMENT
  21. Hiya People, Whats the best version to use on 2.2? I have just had a look on the contrib page, but there's loads to choose from!!! Can you please assist me? Thanks Andy
  22. vibe107fm

    Problem with CC on OSC

    hiya People. I'm using the preinstalled Credit Card Payment module that came with OSC, but theres a problem! Im using my own card for testing it before the store goes live - (WE ARE PCI Complient) and we use the card detials to be put through using our card mechine in store. I DONT STORE THE CVV NUMBER) When i enter my card details (card name, card number, expiry date) as normal, but once i complete the order, i get the email with the middle 8 digits of the card number, but inside the order details on the admin part of the shop, the details are blank! They are shown like this: Credit Card Type: Credit Card Owner: Credit Card Number: 4388XXXXXXXX0004 Credit Card Expires: Does anyone know how to fix this?
  23. Anyone got a solution to the SQL Errors? Thanks Andy
  24. Hiya. i have just installed the discount Coupon codes and it's working fine.... execpt 1 problem!!! all my items are showing up as £0.00 after the discount is applied!! This is what I am seeing in the Store side (if I place an order my self) - The item i am using as a test product is priced at £200.00 Any ideas what is up? Discount Coupon 10% off applied: -£20.00 Sub-Total: £180.00 Flat Rate (Best Way): £5.00 Total: £0.00
  25. vibe107fm

    Lower price contrib?

    hiya People. is there a contrib that will allow me to display a lower price for my products? I mean like on the product page, can i show the price as Was, and Now? like a sales item? (price was £100.00 and now its £85)?? Hope you know what i mean, Kindest regards, Andy