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  1. tazthedev

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    The sub total isnt always at the right position. Ive looked at the phpmyadmin and the ot_subtotal is most of the time, set to 3-4 .. so, the taxes appears before the subtotal. I tried to modify the code, but i cant make it to work properly. In fact, when im using the apply button, the current record, class = ot_subtotal should be set on 1.
  2. tazthedev

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi Dj, In fact i will take the only solution for us.. taxes on 1 line. But i'd like to modify them. If you look at the following images, i'd like the "taxe envoie" to be the same % (some customers will only pay 6% Ontario, some others will pay 6% + 7.5% Qc, some other no tax at all = United states) as soon as we click the modify button for the invoice (instead of being 13.95% by default). Every items choosed by the customers are the same taxes amount. I just need to put that amount onto "taxe envoie" as soon as i am modifying the invoice... Again, if you look at the following image, i'd like the "taxes:" 's amount, to be added automatically to the taxes (6% + 7.5%...) . So the "taxes:" field wont be visible. And the "sous-total" is not at the same place when using the Apply button.. I need to resolve that problem..
  3. tazthedev

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, Im having some problems with edit_order. The taxes are correct with http://www.nplus.ca/catalog/admin/orders.php, but as soon as i edit the order, the taxes appears as above. I you look at the amount, 3.38$, is the total of the 2 taxes. It should be TPS = 1.46$ and TVQ = 1.92$. The field 'taxe' should be empty because i am not using the field "taxe envoie" since the taxes (tps, tvq) should be incl. the shipping. Another problem.. If im setting up the shipping (Frais de transport non déterminé).. and set it up to 5.00$, the amount will be added to the Total: 27.58 + 5.00=32.58$ (total) But the problem is, that it should be 24.20$ + 5.00$ (shipping) + TPS (6%= 1.75$) + TVQ (7.5%=2.32$) = 33.27$(Total) Another problem is when im updating the order... The taxes will appears on only 1 line... TPS + TVQ = ..... It should be as you know, on 2 separate line. Plz... help !!!!