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  1. They sorted out the stuff that stopped the template loading at all. but I've found out there's no payment area. I spent aaaaagggggeees making the pics look great and another age loading all the products in. http://www.muranosilver.com/shop/ If you click on my account it comes up page not found, You can add things to cart but if you try to check out the https://www.muranosilver.com/shop/checkout_shipping.php is page not found... I'm really beginning to get peed off with this :( I feel like I'm so close (but no cigar) Is there anyone out there who could help me with this? Plus I'm looking for someone who can put contact info into the contact me section PLUS an Articles section at the side (for returns info etc) I purchased this template http://www.templatemonster.com/oscommerce-...dcc39f4b9da6126 Which has the article layout I want so I have the code (if it's any use) I'd be happy to PAY for someones help with template adjustments:) Nic x
  2. Here's the sad story of my purchase from Template Monster :( To see what the shop looked like (out of the box) and to see the back end I downloaded osc and installed it on my server (all fine and dandy worked fine including the DB) However with little coding experience (and time) I need a quick install of something that looked fab :) so chose this template (working version) http://osc2.template-help.com/13462/index.php It's had the perfect look and feel for my shop and I could adapt the piccies. I wiped the standard shop and set up a fresh database then tried installing... "Table 'db198377632.configuration' doesn't exist" a tad poo! So I contacted their support team - (more poo) Here's a transcript..... 12:04:41 Ch***** Hello, murano. How can I help you? 12:05:32 murano I'm trying to install an OS commerce template and theres a config file for the database missing :( 12:05:41 Chr***** Please, use the following link to read our detailed tutorials on editing: http://info.template-help.com 12:05:43 murano Table 'db198377632.configuration' doesn't exist 12:06:11 murano I have installed raw os commerce and it installed fine 12:07:13 murano I then deleted the whole catalogu from the server and the database used, created a fresh database and tried with the shops clean install following the instructions exactly. to get the error message above 12:08:47 murano so I tried installing the standard os commerce shop then following the instructions to overwrite the pics etc but got less than satsfactory results :( (it did install though), so the only thing i can assume is the template's install file is incorrect somehow or missing a file... 12:09:20 Ch***** Please, use the following link to read our detailed tutorials on editing: http://info.template-help.com 12:09:47 murano I did AND followed the instructions the file isn't installing properly 12:12:25 murano Hello????? 12:32:51 murano is there any technical support other than read the instructions??? :( 12:35:07 .? 12:36:34 murano I have given an exact description of the error there's a file missing from the template.....please help? 12:56:39 murano hello? Nearly an hour of getting nowhere - so I asked for a refund.... they then said there was nothing wrong with the template and they'd install it for me... They DID, using the standard oscommerce.sql file and telling me the .sql file of the template will be revised and you will be provided with an updated version. So template was installed and ready to use. Great service I thought :) Until I loaded some products in ....All the categories return ALL the products.. Here's my shop (sorry it's in the early stages so excuse the missing pics etc) www.muranosilver.com/shop can anyone suggest a fix for this It might just be my newbieness but I can't see a "seperate categories" button. Any help greatfully appreciated.. Nicola x P.S> If anyone is a designer who doesn't charge masses and could help me tweak the template I'd be glad to talk hiring fees :) (message me)