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  1. Will have a word with the boss lol
  2. Daveed1973

    Auto Thumbnailer Image Problems

    Sorted the problem. Seems some of the images had '&' in the filename and this for some reason was messing the thumbnail images up, thus not displaying them. So word of warning to folks... don't use '&' in your image names.
  3. Yes worked treat, many thanks for your help :)
  4. I have just installed this and followed the instructions as they should be. The majority of images are working fine but some are not showing, any ideas? This is the website
  5. Daveed1973

    Auto Thumbnailer Image Problems

    I haven't checked over the steps of the install as such as the majority of the images are fine, just seems probably about 20% of images throw up the error image as though it can't find them.
  6. I have just installed the Autothumbnailer contribution and it seems to have worked fine apart from some images are not showing. see the problem here Could anyone please give me some tips on how to resolve this as this site is now live. Thanks
  7. Is it possible and how easy would it be to remove the tables from all the osCommerce coding and recreate the site using Style Sheets only ( or with maybe the odd table thrown in )?
  8. Hi, I am a newbie to osCommerce and have recently dowloaded it along with STS. I am quite good with html and also have used PHP before but I am really struggling in figuring our how to change the look of the main boxes I need in my store.. namely Categories and Cart. I have created the basic layout of the page which I have saved as the sts_template and this works fine but how do I edit the boxes to how I want them to look? Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to do this, also are there any books or help sites which covers this topic that anyone knows of? There seems so may files that I really don't know where to look!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Daveed