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  1. Hi, I find only one negative post, and you can see my reply to it that I just gave. Keep in mind that the free version 2.10c is four years old. QBI is now at version 3.85, and really 3.50 was totally re-written, so it is really in its 4th version. QBI works great and is used by many people. The old free version is essentially unsupported at this time. At some time in the future I may offer a new free version, but I don't have specific plans for that yet. Thanks, Adam
  2. Hello, With 1,000s of customers, there is always going to be someone that isn't completely happy, and it is unfortunate when they leave this type of a post. Fortunately, virtually everyone who has purchased it has been very pleased. Additionally, this forum is meant for support of the free version, and is not a place where those who have purchased the software normally leave posts. The software actually has an automated installer and normally installs in less than a minute. The ionCube loader can be installed on a website with a mouse-click in the cPanel WHM. We are finding that 95%+ of our customers already have it, or QBI can automatically install it. There are a few hosts with servers that are running old software and are not well configured. Those hosts can normally install it when requested. If they can't, then it is time to look for a better host anyway. Thanks, Adam
  3. Hi, This is easy to do in QBI. The EZ contribution was written by someone who wanted to create their own QB add-in, which is fine, but it does not do anything that QBI doesn't do. The commercial version of QBI, currently 3.80 at, uses output template files that are completely separate from the main program code, which makes it very easy to add custom fields. You can do the same thing in QBI 2.10, it's just that the output lines are within the code and not separated. Thanks Adam (Creator of QBI)
  4. The latest free osC version is 2.10c I know this is very old. I probably will release some kind of new free osC version (with basic features) when 4.0 is released. The latest free Zen Cart version is 3.21b. It will not work with osC. Thanks, Adam
  5. In qbi_shipmatch.php, comment out line 43 ship_methods(); This will disable the automatic shipping method detection and prevent your changes from being reverted. - Adam
  6. The text in the QBI shipping table must be contained in the entry ot_shipping in the orders table for a match to work. - Adam
  7. PWA (Purchase Without Account) support has been added to QBI 3.79. Thanks, Adam
  8. Hi, It seems there is a problem writing to MySQL for some installations. QBI 2.10 is very old at this point - I am spending my time on the next commercial release, 3.79. I will have to consider what to do here. Thanks, Adam
  9. I'm not sure what you mean? Did you find other PHP lines in the log? If you see no PHP notices, warnings, or errors in the log, then your PHP logging may be going elsewhere. - Adam
  10. There is a problem writing to your database. Please locate you error log and look at the PHP error messages generated at the time that this happens. Also, do you use any prefix to you osC tables? Thanks, Adam
  11. First of all, v2.2 Release Candidate 2a is a candidate, not a full release. QBI works with all released versions of osC. Second, if you are having trouble using it with 2.2 RC 2a, then please post your issue in the QBI forum so that I can look into it. So far, I have not gotten any reports of it not working with 2.2. Thanks, Adam
  12. And lastly, NEVER post or give links to iif files in a public forum, unless you have removed or altered the personal customer information. Thanks, Adam
  13. Probably not, but I don't know. QBI 2.10 is two years old. The latest commercial version 3.78 works with it. I may release a free version of 4.0 when it comes out, but haven't decided that yet. Please check your server log for PHP Warnings or Errors immediately after this failure occurs. This should help us to see what is happening. Also, let me know your PHP and MySQL versions. Thanks, Adam
  14. You've neglected to set up QBI. On the Configure page: Enter ALL the required info for Shipping Enter the ACCOUNTS for the Items Configure the Customer Number (or are you using Purchase without Account contrib?) Thanks, Adam
  15. UK and Canada are planned to be added to the commercial version of QBI when version 4.0 is released. The UK file format is different than the US, because I believe products can be taxed at different rates. Therefore, tax can't just be added at the bottom. Because the field names and columns are different, the US file will not import into the UK version. Thanks, Adam