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  1. How about an image of the hat in question :-)
  2. FYI: there are 85 pages support for contri 3759 (idealM) including a readme :angry:
  3. Thanks Jim, works O.K. It would be very nice however if all the all needed parts in the module could be MultiLanguage.
  4. I needed to look for an update to a contribution i once downloaded and saw the new button. Yes it looks nice and easy but than i read (show 71 more downloads) which immediately made me even more prudent. The more because i knew that in that case lots of things were changed meanwhile which most of the times (71 downloads) is also a big warning-sign anyway). BTW most of the 71 are single changes and not complete packages :blink: Please revert back to the old system as already suggested by someone earlier in this thread and re-make the download button so that it is easier found by unfrequent or new searchers.
  5. nice and easy v2, thanks Sam. To make v2 ML (MultiLanguage) add in your languages file (e.g. includes / languages / dutch.php) the following define: define('MORE', 'Lees meer'); or in: includes / languages / german.php add define('MORE', 'Lies mehr'); Other languages: translate the words.
  6. Installation online (standard rc2a and online) was without problems as far as i can see. Will re-read the docs and this thread in next few days. Also here spaces in decription: <meta name="description" content="Disciples Sacred Lands, PC-DISC, Strategy, Software, by GT Interactive. A new age ...
  7. 40,90(NET) + 10% (TAX) = 44,99(GROSS) That's how usually tax is calculated.
  8. Try (also in EN available)
  9. Very many thanks for this contribution. But if i may i like to introduce a small correction to the instructions. on approx. line 383 the instruction starts as follows: find $sql_data_array = array('entry_firstname' => $customers_firstname, add below 'entry_street_address2' => $entry_street_address2, 'entry_country_id' => $entry_country_id, 'entry_telephone' => $entry_telephone, 'entry_fax' => $entry_fax); I have corrected this as follows (the last line is effected) find $sql_data_array = array('entry_firstname' => $customers_firstname, add below 'entry_street_address2' => $entry_street_address2, 'entry_country_id' => $entry_country_id, 'entry_telephone' => $entry_telephone, 'entry_fax' => $entry_fax, rgds JOhn
  10. Bitte gehe zu:
  12. Post # 369 RE: .htaccess <IfModule mod_setenvif.c> <IfDefine SSL> SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \ nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \ downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0 </IfDefine> </IfModule> is official osC: oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817
  13. Find the readme.txt and look for the URL tot the support thread
  14. Look in your admin for: Shipping/Packaging and check the 2 lower values
  15. I feel really really very stupid. i must have several times checked the wrong filenames.php. It's working now.Thanks very much again.