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  1. Well I have same problem which I posted here few days before, When using EP new version to upload products in already exists category some how Categories and sub category images deleted even category image column is not included in upload, Then I had to add these images again or as surfalot advised had to use Category image column to add image link. Still looking in forum every day to check for any solution for this. Hope fully some day soon. Regards
  2. Hi, is this system by default sent review request email to any new customer who purchase or he need to be newsletter subscribed. Thanks
  3. Hi Jum, Thanks for your help, I copied this code require($path_rel . 'includes/classes/class.smtp.php'); so email setting look like this . // incorporate the email class require($path_rel . 'includes/classes/email.php'); require($path_rel . 'includes/classes/mime.php'); require($path_rel . 'includes/classes/class.smtp.php'); when I run this script this message came in with no error #!/usr/local/bin/php Also recieved email that review request script was run and email sent. Thanks alot. Zee
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply, Yes I think I set up Email system to use SMTP. catalog/includes/application_top.php This line added: include_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'class.smtp.php'); is this any help full or I can send you any file for look. Thanks Zee
  5. Hi, Installed but getting one error when I opened link it comes up with this #!/usr/local/bin/php Fatal error: Class 'smtp' not found in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\includes\classes\email.php on line 545 website is fully able to send emails from every other place without problem, Like contact us, oder status and etc. class/email.php line 545 is "// The body of the email $send_params['body'] = "$this->output"; is_object($smtp = smtp::connect($params)) AND $smtp->send($send_params); (This is Line 545) // end smtp authentication" Dont understand what to do now, Will appretiate any help. Regards
  6. HI, I am dealing with screen resolution problem, templates created for 1024 x 768 is stretching in bad ways for bigger screen resolution. what solution any one can advise , ANy contribution or help. Thanks
  7. Hi, Only thing I did to fix this issue to use $startform as a first line of Cell, as this is clearly mentioned in Help document provided with installation. if there are more than one cell then $startform is first line of each cell and where ever you want to add $addtocartbutton $endform . This worked for me. Thanks Bkellum for very clear help and ongoing support.
  8. Hi , well after few attampts I managed to solve this cart problem. All working well, you may have a look and suggest any improvements. at following link Regards
  9. Hi Bkellum, Thanks for your continuing support. I did'nt had problem with sts for long while now and using STS latest contribution. Decided to use product_info.php.html template, I was using standard Content before. I have similar problem as you already answered but Thios sollution is not working for me, When pressing Add to cart it goes to shopping cart page with empty Basket. Followed you instrucion to add above code in STS user code file and using form before and after Cart button, Tried few different way to sort this out but now I am stuck. Will be gratefull if you resolve this, Will send you any file you may need to check cde. Regards
  10. Thanks surfalot, I was already using this option as you just advised, filling correct image for each category, but on daily basis when I am adding new products in specific category and with so many categories it is very hard to enter each image link. There must be something in my end as I cant find any post related to my problem in this forum. Not bothering or pushing any one, but I hope I will find solution of my problem in this forum. Thanks
  11. hi All, Reference to my previous post, I made several attempts to fix this category image problem. Dont understand any reason for this problem, I am only using v_categories_name_1_1 or v_categories_name_2_1 to enter bulk products in specific category but for some reason it is removing this specific category image, I read carefully related manual and as I was already using EP for some time, this is new problem I came across, I am happy to send any file if surfalot or any one else can help me in this regards. Thanks
  12. Thanks surfalot, Delete Matter understood and I had success. regarding category image delete problem, I updated all images manually in category and then created one product sample file to upload in specific category, Product uploaded/ Updated without problem but Category image was deleted even Category Image column was not in File. Attaching sample FIle code. v_products_model,v_categories_name_1_1,v_categories_name_2_1,v_cat egories_name_3_1,v_products_quantity,v_status,EOREOR LEDBADGER,Gadgets,Gadgets & Gizmos,Novelty & Fun,12,Active,EOREOR please advise what should I do to avoid this problem, is there any edit in EP.php file needed, I found one setting wondering if some thing need change here. //**** Image Defaulting **** // set them to your own default "We don't have any picture" gif //define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_MANUFACTURER', 'no_image_manufacturer.gif'); //define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_PRODUCT', 'no_image_product.gif'); //define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_CATEGORY', 'no_image_category.gif'); // or let them get set to nothing define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_MANUFACTURER', ''); define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_PRODUCT', ''); define ('EP_DEFAULT_IMAGE_CATEGORY', ''); Appretiate helps. Regards
  13. Hi, I am using EP for more than year now, Recently I Updated with surflot new EP update. All ok, just few things I need some help. When I update products and set in Categories for some reason Images are not showing in Website Categories (i.e Images link to categories. Do i have to add IMAGE column for categories in all cateories as Before I was updating categories and not had any effect on category images. Second if I have to delete Product from Date base I think with this new version I can write "delete" in Status and it will delete product but I tried this and product is not deleting ven it shows in ep that product delete updated. Hope someone guide me to right thread or advise. Regards Thanks
  14. Hi, Allen are you able to find any solution to set limit so when order value is more then certain amount, Nochex payment module became disaable as payment option. Regards
  15. well thanks sorry i missed your reply posted before my post, I saved edited file as shopping_cart.php.html and it work. Great ! Thanks bill Zee