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  1. samclarke

    Protx Direct v2.22

    I use protx, and all of a sudden I've started getting this at the end of checkout...
  2. samclarke

    Protx Payment Issues

    System has been working fine, up until a few days ago, customers were ringing saying they couldn't order..? I tested it myself, and was given this error: Any help would be ideal. The site can be found here: Thompsons Online
  3. samclarke

    Individual Shipping / PWA

    Brilliant! Thanks alot. All sorted now. Sam
  4. Hey guys, Ive been running my site with Individual shipping costs for quite some time now, and it all works fine... This morning I tried to install Purchase without account, but I am given this problem when I continue to purchase. The line in "catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php" which recalls the individual shipping cost, and displays it for the customer: $shiptotal = $cart->get_shiptotal(); Is creating this problem: Fatal error: Call to undefined method shoppingCart::get_shiptotal() in /home/t/h/thompsons/public_html/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 20 Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Sam
  5. samclarke

    Individual Shipping / PWA

    The Fatal Error - shows up on /checkout_shipping.php Sam
  6. samclarke

    Vertical Stack to Tiled Products?

    Did you ever find a reply to this question? Sam
  7. Hey guys, I had this contrib working a beaut for quite some time. Then when I updated osCommerce to the most recent version, and reinstalled the contrib, it no longer works? Sam
  8. samclarke

    Hsbc Problems

    Im having a problem with the HSBC payment module I downloaded from the contribution section. When I input my HSBC data into the admin area, and hit update, it doesnt seem to store the data? Has anyone found this before? Or am I doing something wrong? I followed all the instructions, but it just seems to leave the information blank? Sam
  9. Im after a contribution with which (when I add a new product) shows a drop down menu of various delivery prices... i.e. £1.49 £2.49 £9.99 £10.99 £14.99 etc... Where all prices are definable in the admin section or something similar? Does this contribution exist? Or has anyone written one?
  10. samclarke

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Im having a problem with this contrib. Ive got it installed etc. But when you use it as a paying option it comes up with a white screen saying "Hacking Attempt!" Ideas?
  11. samclarke

    Hsbc Problems

    I have, infact several times.. Unless im overlooking something quite major, I dont believe the problem to be the installation. Unless anyone else can get this contrib working OK?
  12. samclarke

    Credit Card Payment Options

    Don't do it. I assume it will be insecure. And if the Bank, or whoever catch on to this, they'll shut you down, and give you a hefty charge for breech of privacy. Just go along with your banks online option.
  13. samclarke

    Telephone Payment

    I want it setup so that when people move the the payment section of the checkout, when they choose their method of payment,. I want people to be able to select "Telephone Order" and a screen comes up with details regarding how to call and order an item. is this possible? or has it been done? Sam
  14. samclarke

    Paypal Payment Empty

    I have selected Paypal as one of my methods of payment, yet when it is seleted, and you continue to pay...The amount comes up as £00.00 Neither including the item, or its shipping costs... Anybody experienced this? Sam
  15. samclarke

    Individual Pricing

    I need to set P+P different depending on the item...as we use a courier prices are all different... Ideas? Sam http://www.twin-tubs.co.uk
  16. samclarke

    Postage Rates

    Im looking to setup postage rates (Per the Item) as my postage is done by Initial City Link, obviously every item is going to be different...Is this easy/possible to setup? Sam
  17. samclarke

    Offline Processing

    I put the quesiton to you guys that I would like, instead of using PayPal, Credit Cards etc. I would like that when I person fills in their 'Order Form' and submuits it to me, that it kind of eMails me the details for me to process offline. I have credit card machines here at my warehouse and ive discovered it to be cheaper & easier for me to do this. Is it possible? Do I have to change the payment forms etc.? Is there one readily availibe for me to download? Sam
  18. samclarke

    Offline Processing

    Can I ask, are these rules applicable to the UK too? What do you know about that?