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  1. samclarke

    Protx Direct v2.22

    I use protx, and all of a sudden I've started getting this at the end of checkout...
  2. samclarke

    Protx Payment Issues

    System has been working fine, up until a few days ago, customers were ringing saying they couldn't order..? I tested it myself, and was given this error: Any help would be ideal. The site can be found here: Thompsons Online
  3. samclarke

    Individual Shipping / PWA

    Brilliant! Thanks alot. All sorted now. Sam
  4. samclarke

    Individual Shipping / PWA

    The Fatal Error - shows up on /checkout_shipping.php Sam
  5. Hey guys, Ive been running my site with Individual shipping costs for quite some time now, and it all works fine... This morning I tried to install Purchase without account, but I am given this problem when I continue to purchase. The line in "catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php" which recalls the individual shipping cost, and displays it for the customer: $shiptotal = $cart->get_shiptotal(); Is creating this problem: Fatal error: Call to undefined method shoppingCart::get_shiptotal() in /home/t/h/thompsons/public_html/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 20 Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Sam
  6. Did you ever find a reply to this question? Sam
  7. Hey guys, I had this contrib working a beaut for quite some time. Then when I updated osCommerce to the most recent version, and reinstalled the contrib, it no longer works? Sam
  8. Im after a contribution with which (when I add a new product) shows a drop down menu of various delivery prices... i.e. £1.49 £2.49 £9.99 £10.99 £14.99 etc... Where all prices are definable in the admin section or something similar? Does this contribution exist? Or has anyone written one?
  9. samclarke

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Im having a problem with this contrib. Ive got it installed etc. But when you use it as a paying option it comes up with a white screen saying "Hacking Attempt!" Ideas?
  10. samclarke

    Hsbc Problems

    I have, infact several times.. Unless im overlooking something quite major, I dont believe the problem to be the installation. Unless anyone else can get this contrib working OK?
  11. samclarke

    Hsbc Problems

    Im having a problem with the HSBC payment module I downloaded from the contribution section. When I input my HSBC data into the admin area, and hit update, it doesnt seem to store the data? Has anyone found this before? Or am I doing something wrong? I followed all the instructions, but it just seems to leave the information blank? Sam
  12. samclarke

    Credit Card Payment Options

    Don't do it. I assume it will be insecure. And if the Bank, or whoever catch on to this, they'll shut you down, and give you a hefty charge for breech of privacy. Just go along with your banks online option.
  13. samclarke

    Telephone Payment

    I want it setup so that when people move the the payment section of the checkout, when they choose their method of payment,. I want people to be able to select "Telephone Order" and a screen comes up with details regarding how to call and order an item. is this possible? or has it been done? Sam
  14. samclarke

    Paypal Payment Empty

    I have selected Paypal as one of my methods of payment, yet when it is seleted, and you continue to pay...The amount comes up as £00.00 Neither including the item, or its shipping costs... Anybody experienced this? Sam
  15. samclarke

    Individual Pricing

    I need to set P+P different depending on the item...as we use a courier prices are all different... Ideas? Sam http://www.twin-tubs.co.uk