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  1. Anyone installing this should only install this on top of a clean install of MS2. It took me awhile to figure it out, but you only need to install the 2.1 and 2.2 upgrades. 2.1 contains all the files you need to get going. 2.2 subtracts the quantity on hand. After playing with Master Products last night and this today, QTPro seems like a better solution for items with a single attribute like size. I haven't tried two attributes at once like color and size. Also, I'm going to attempt easypopulate with this. Hopefully it works in updating the stock on hand.
  2. tomcoh

    Master Products - MS2

    Anyone have a clean version of the contribution up to latest update. If not I may package one up myself after installing everything. I've made a couple of errors and I'm not sure what the issue is. Thanks, David
  3. I've been using this without any problems for quite a while now. Try doing this instead: http://bigredbow.net/default.php?ad=osComm...Forums&cPath=25 two ? marks will break it. whenever you are displaying variables in a string you want to separate them with &s not ?s. PHP doesn't care about which order it is being displayed in the URL. I just verified the above and it does work. Hope this helps. David
  4. Joe, Good start, but it still has a major bug. The user still has to add the product to the cart before he/she finds out the combination they just selected is out of stock. Only by trial and error would the user be able to find out which product is actually in stock. One solution would be to merge the attributes into one attribute for selection. That way they could see which product options were actually available. I ran into this very problem on a clothing site I made: http://srh.com The solution that we went with was to make each Clothing Item a Category and each individual size/color combination a separate product inside that category. It actually made it pretty easy to manage, but if this gets working correctly this Contribution would be great. just my 2 cents, I hope this input helps. david
  5. tomcoh

    PayPal IPN Problem...

    I'm getting the exact same error. Anyone find a solution?
  6. I'm looking for something exactly opposite of this. I've been sorting through the board and the contribs section but can't seem to find anything that lets me assign a shipping location to a product. I'm building a store that has multiple vendors shipping from multiple locations. I need to calculate shipping based on each product's location instead of the company's home address. Anyone? thanks, David
  7. tomcoh

    PayPal IPN contrib problem...

    I'm getting the Payment Failed, however, when I look at both the paypal accounts the transaction has been completed. In the orders section they show as Paypal Processing, however, in Admin->Paypal_IPN->Transactions there is nothing. I haven't tried osmosis's code yet though. Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks, David
  8. tomcoh

    PayPal IPN contrib problem...

    I'm getting the same "Your payment has failed!" error. Anyone find a fix for it yet? Thanks, David