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    Paypal ipn approving order an hour late

    Dear all expert, I have using Paypal Ipn2.2 for os m2.2 for one and half year,it works fine until today. after payment have made,order status show pending but an hour later it approved. Usually it is instant notification but now it happened to be an hour late. May I know what is going wrong?we haven't make any changes since we installed. Thank you for your kind help and wish a happiest day to everyone!
  2. asiandivergal

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi Gerret, Thank you for this wonderful tip! I will give this a try once I have read through this a couple more times and am more confident of coding this in without any errors. It sounds clear enough, really appreciate your help! :)
  3. asiandivergal

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi Todd, Really appreciate your help - I did try to upload the Attributes again from my sample Attributes file - still the same error. I'll try a fresh install again and try out other methods just to see if anything else works. Thanks for the wonderful contribution and continued improvements to EP that has made this such a life saver :)
  4. asiandivergal

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi there, I have another question: is it possible to use Easy Populate together with another contribution Product Extra Fields? I really need to add additional product fields to the product description page, and it's just too much manual work to do it one by one for over thousand items. If the product attributes do not work, I will have to install the Product Extra fields contribution, hopefully if there is a way to customise in the extra fields into EP, that will be really sweet. Any help or advice is greatly appreciate! Thank you in advance!
  5. asiandivergal

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hello, I am having a problem using EP with product attibutes which I hope someone will be able to assist with. I downloaded a sample document and worked in 3 test products - after adding in several product attributes with their corresponding values, the new attributes and values get added on to Product Attributes under Oscommerce Admin, but these attributes do not appear in the product listing. The other product description and pricing etc are uploaded without a problem. Does anyone know why the product attributes are not automatically displaying with the product description? It only works if I do this manually under Admin/Product Attributs, but with several thousand items, I really need this to work with EP. My specs: php - version 4.4.6 MySQL - 3.23.49 register globals ON EP version - 2.76 Windows Server IIS Thank you very much in advance!
  6. asiandivergal

    Excel Import 1.51 Error (SQL)

    Hi Arthur, Thank you for your kind response. It seems that the error was due to an error to my csv file (according to the tech guys of my webhosting company). I created a new csv file using OpenOffice and uploaded it, but it fails to recognise all the data - firstly it lumps all the products into Misc category and all the product description, pricing, manufacturer into etc goes missing or haywire. I'm not sure why it does not recognise the info. I am going to remove this contribution (could be an error with the installation part), and try with EasyPopulate instead. Hopefully it will work out better. Cheers, Agnes
  7. Hi everyone, I have tried bulk upload of my products using Excel Import 1.51, with a Microsoft Excel document saved in .csv format. However, it failed with the following message: File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpPSRTSG User filename: Batch1upload.csv Size: 110971 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 1 insert into categories(date_added, parent_id) values ('2007-03-01',) [TEP STOP] Could someone kindly assist, how to solve the following error? (I'm a newbie in PHP programming and such, and will apreciate any explanation in simple terms. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Agnes