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  1. favicon.ico error

    It looks as if you are trying to get files from another site and they are refusing you access! following the link in your error takes you to a dead page and then to this site, www.salesforce.com/products/ ?? only you will know why you are getting resources from this site. Are you using a CRM or other extension from these people?
  2. No sorry no plans to do that, just don't see the point. If you want to display cats then ask @burt as he has a Cat's on index add-on as part of the 28d thing. Or post in the commercial section to get one coded.
  3. I’m not sure I understand what your asking, If a category is to be a featured or special then its simpler just to change its image.
  4. favicon.ico error

    This is not an issue as this is allowed. The add-on tells the browser where to look for the OsC icons.
  5. Faviconit Header_tag addon. For Frozen A simple header_tag that installs the standard faviconit links. Just copy the files over as provided and install and turn on. Go to the “JcMJcMfavicon” folder and replace the files with your own icon files which you generate from http://faviconit.com/en That’ it enjoy.
  6. Politicians flip & flop all the time, It would be a nightmare keeping it up to date with every change! Also giving league advice in the core or as an add-on is not wise as it would open OsC to legal complications. Its best people get advice from own local legal experts so there is no comeback on OsC. People should be getting there T&S and other stuff legally check anyway. I would definitely keep it out of core.
  7. Is there any reason for using the all.js? I replaced it with all.css locally and it looks like it working faster! <link rel="stylesheet" href="/ext/fontawesome-free-5.1.1-web/css/all.css"> This cdn also looks to work smother than the v5.0.6/js/all.js .......cdn <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.6/css/all.css">
  8. Ok have installed as local fonts, <script defer src="/ext/fontawesome-free-5.1.1-web/js/all.js"> We then have to edit all.js to include just the fonts we need. This is a cut down version of all.js with most of the junk taken out. Its installed on the test site www.justfastfood.com would be good if a few others can try it and see if they see an improvement or do I still need to cut more out? all.js
  9. How would you prefer to do this, using http://fontello.com/ We can simply pick the icons we need and download a reduced font set. You then simply install that and point to that instead of https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.6/js/all.js This would limit anyone adding a new icon in an addon?
  10. Do we have a list of all the icons used in frozen? Reading this article, looks like you have a couple of ways to do this. https://blog.webjeda.com/optimize-fontawesome/
  11. If you already have a solution then just keep using it as you have already done all the work! The 2 are very different. The Kiss-It add-on is very good but it requires several changes to core OsC. This Add-on is different in that it requires no core changes. The only change is adding 3 lines of code to you .htaccess file. It also only makes the new images that are required and this is done automatically. Negatives, you need to have good quality images to begin with. If your images are low quality then this is not the add-on for you as scaling up of low quality images results in fuzzy images. The php will try and sharpen the image but as they say you can't polish a “T” :) I recommend using sharp good quality 500x400 or 800x640 images as your base image and then letting the script make all the other images. Size is up to you but you need to stick to one aspect ratio. This gives good quality images for all devices. Keep all base images the same size, if you need to size up add padding do not scale up if image quality is low. Use a good quality image tool to process your images to be compressed and remove all unnecessary meta data.
  12. Its just been one of those days, just not good practice to code in between dealing with customers. Should have just left it to the weekend. I just uploaded the draft folder by mistake, It’s been fixed and V1.1 is up now with good code. For anyone who installed the first sorry but we got there in the end, just took the scenic route Thanks for all the feedback and help, I do try and listen honest...
  13. OK I'm happy to listen and take advise updated add-on to be header_tags module was just busy with customers they just keep calling! https://apps.oscommerce.com/8OSyE&jcm-adaptive-images-addon-frozen If you have already installed it just turn off and uninstall in admin, then remove header files. Add new header_tags files and go to header_tags and install and turn on. That's it, you do not have to touch any other file.
  14. Yep! The </form> is just an over site on my part when reusing the file for this add-on! Not going to do anything drastic me thinks! Yes i read your first statement about header_tags, as I said working fine as it is. Feel free to do it as a header_tag I have no issues with that, its all good.
  15. Telemarketer & Robo calls in the world

    No it’s not just you! I have seen a marked increase over the last few weeks. Both call’s mainly mobile and spam emails. They don't appear to be bothered about any new privacy laws! I think it’s just cyclical, they do it while they can then there a crack down and it slows bu they just pop up a little later somewhere else. The laws are never going to stop the determined spammers or cold callers. Perhaps if the authority's went after the people paying the spammers they might have more luck. After all a service with no customers soon goes away.