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  1. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    No just tested on my BS3 frozen site with old colorbox script and still works. Just take care in copying the script into right section. https://www.justfastfood.com/
  2. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    I've tested it on BS4 with the new colorbox script and get no errors. The strange code is probably my fault for not inserting it in as code sorry. you can see it working on https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/ post your script and I will see if it works on my site. $oscTemplate->addBlock( '<script>var ImgCount = $(".piGal").data("imgcount"); $(function() { $(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'hidden\'}); $(\'.piGal\').photosetGrid({ gutter: \'5px\', layout: ""+ ImgCount +"", width: \'100%\', highresLinks: true, rel: \'pigallery\', onComplete: function() { $(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'visible\'}); $(\'.piGal a\').colorbox({maxHeight: \'90%\', maxWidth: \'90%\', rel: \'pigallery\'}); $(\'.piGal img\').each(function() { var imgid = $(this).attr(\'id\') ? $(this).attr(\'id\').substring(9) : 0; //image title start $(this).parent().attr("title", "' .addslashes($product_info['products_name']).'<br>" + $(this).attr("alt")); //images title end if ( $(\'#piGalDiv_\' + imgid).length ) { $(this).parent().colorbox({ inline: true, href: "#piGalDiv_" + imgid });} });}});});</script>', $this->group);
  3. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    Oh and you may whant to look at updating the colorbox script and css as the one with frozen is very old. I have updated mine to Version 1.6.4 - 2016/05/10 and it works fine. I also changed the header tag to use un minified file jquery.colorbox.js as then you can see what the settings are and update then as required. As you can see I have slideshow enabled. https://github.com/jackmoore/colorbox
  4. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    Do it properly use this addon. https://apps.oscommerce.com/KgXJi&amp;modular-image-descriptions-bs&amp;c=images Quick and dirty hack! in includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_colorbox.php find $oscTemplate->addBlock('<script>var ImgCount = $(".piGal").data("imgcount"); $(function() {$(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'hidden\'});$(\'.piGal\').photosetGrid({layout: ""+ ImgCount +"",width: \'100%\',title:true,highresLinks: true,rel: \'pigallery\',onComplete: function() {$(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'visible\'});$(\'.piGal a\').colorbox({maxHeight: \'90%\',maxWidth: \'90%\', rel: \'pigallery\'});$(\'.piGal img\').each(function() {var imgid = $(this).attr(\'id\') ? $(this).attr(\'id\').substring(9) : 0;if ( $(\'#piGalDiv_\' + imgid).length ) {$(this).parent().colorbox({ inline: true, href: "#piGalDiv_" + imgid });}});}});});</script>', $this->group); and replace with, will give product name under image. $oscTemplate->addBlock( '<script>var ImgCount = $(".piGal").data("imgcount"); $(function() { $(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'hidden\'}); $(\'.piGal\').photosetGrid({ gutter: \'5px\', layout: ""+ ImgCount +"", width: \'100%\', highresLinks: true, rel: \'pigallery\', onComplete: function() { $(\'.piGal\').css({\'visibility\': \'visible\'}); $(\'.piGal a\').colorbox({maxHeight: \'90%\', maxWidth: \'90%\', rel: \'pigallery\'}); $(\'.piGal img\').each(function() { var imgid = $(this).attr(\'id\') ? $(this).attr(\'id\').substring(9) : 0; //image title start $(this).parent().attr("title", "' .addslashes($product_info['products_name']).'<br>" + $(this).attr("alt")); //images title end if ( $(\'#piGalDiv_\' + imgid).length ) { $(this).parent().colorbox({ inline: true, href: "#piGalDiv_" + imgid });} });}});});</script>', $this->group);
  5. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    I belive this is already built into colorbox. It uses the title or alt tag. You will need to check the colorbox script you are running as it's default status is false. Also you will need to find the temp-image in the relavent code and make sure something is defined for title or alt in the image code.
  6. JcMagpie

    colorbox images with text

    try this,
  7. Laravel Ecommerce System Is this the next big thing for ecarts? There are a number of new ecarts being developed using the Laravel framework. They appear to have a very short development cycle many are 1 or 2 man teams producing what look to be very slick carts in 12-15 months! They typically come fully loaded and ready to use out of the box. Looks like things are geting intresting in the ecart arena over the next few years. If you want to find out more about Laravel framework you can here https://laravel.com/ and here https://github.com/laravel/laravel Typicaly offering:- Easy Installation (Built-In Installer) 8 Theme for Storefront 2 Home page layout Home page banner sections Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel Multiple Locales Multiple Countries Multiple Currencies Third Party Integration for Updating Currency Rates Scheduled Currency Rate Updating Advanced Home Page Customization Advanced Search Algolia Search Engine Integration Product Options Product Attributes Advanced Product Filtering Guest Checkout Customer Panel Sales Analytics Chart Search Log Advanced System Report Custom Static Page Unlimited Nested Categories Scheduled Special Product Price Country, State, City, Zip Based Tax Configuration Minimum Amount for Free Shipping File Manager Drag & Drop File Uploader Custom CSS/JS Custom 404 Page SEO Optimized Fully Responsive And More…
  8. 😂 No not dead but definitely in ICU. Without a proper development path it will slowly get worse if thing don’t change.

    We have already seen a number of people on the forum try frozen get frustrated and go use something else.

    I’m sure a group of diehard users ( like me ) will keep slogging away with it but that's not the same thing as a thriving growing user group. There is only so much one person!

    1. burt


      There is only so much one person!


  9. JcMagpie

    From production to local (WAMP testserver)

    Most cPanels have this option, look for PHP Selector and simply pick the version you need and set it up as required. This will apply to the domain you select this on. To apply to a subdomins needs more work. https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/possible-to-select-different-php-versions-for-subdomains-and-folders.610175/
  10. JcMagpie

    From production to local (WAMP testserver)

    You could save your self a lot of effort by simply installing a copy of the production site on a subdomain or new directory. That way you are testing on a safe live site on exactly the same conditions as your prodution site. If you not happy doing that then simply get another domain and use it as a test site or development! either way it's much better than a local server. Note. If you have a heavely modified 2.2 shop then moving to the new CE is no easy thing you will probably find many of the mods you have will need to be re coded if they are not covered by on of the add-on's that have been updated.
  11. JcMagpie

    Can anyone help this situation

    😂 ok well then it's down to you to track down what on your machine is blocking the js.If the site is fine on other machines then it's local to that machine. Good luck.
  12. JcMagpie

    Can anyone help this situation

    That may be true but it is js blocking that is the cause, you will need check the settings on the machine causing the problem as you may have added your site to a block list. If that's the case then it will only work once the block have been removed in chrome you can see this here, From Chrome Settings Perform one of the following sets of steps in Chrome: In Chrome, select “Menu” > “Settings“> “Advanced” > “Content settings…” > “JavaScript“. Type “chrome://settings/content/javascript” in the address bar, then press “Enter“ Scroll down and select the “Adv” option, then select the “Content settings…” button. Toggle the setting to “Allowed” or “Blocked” as desired. Optionally, you can allow or block JavaScript on specific websites by selecting the “Manage exceptions…” button and adding the URL of the website under the “Hostname Pattern” field. From there, set the “Behavior” to “Block” or “Allow“. You can even block partial sections of websites
  13. JcMagpie

    No Logins?

    You also have other issues, But loging in is not one of them just logged in without any issues! You can remove the test account.
  14. JcMagpie

    No Logins?

    You have a bad redirect. Check your error logs to see what error is beeing reported.
  15. Hey, can you can recommend someone who will help me arrange fully SSL safe oscommerce shop? Tx and regards, G

    1. JcMagpie


      Sure there are a few good developers. I'll PM you details