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  1. This is a simple add-on the Password Forgotten onto the login page.


  2. JcM Password Forgotten V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on the Password Forgotten onto the login page. It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided. It’s a hook so nothing else to do, it should just appear on the login page. That’s it Enjoy.. Has been tested on Phoenix Version only. You may or may not need this so check first. Can be see working on this site On stock Phoenix this is what is shown, After adding the hook you should see.
  3. JcMagpie

    one page checkout

    Cool very impressed looks to be working so far 😁 Ajax update of total based on radio button selection looks to update total every time. Should be very good once finished. Nice bit of work. I think it can be taken further with modals for address edit and such but that's just the icing on the top 😂 .
  4. JcMagpie

    one page checkout

    take a look at these examples... http://jsfiddle.net/CZpnD/ http://jsfiddle.net/ASZcL/
  5. If the styling is done using images and not css then one thing could be the location of the image. Check if you are SSL as some browsers now block images from none SSL locations. The switch from having to not having could just be a cache issue. Just a guess... without seeing the site it's hard to say.
  6. Then you know more than me, I'm not aware of any "disparete groups" doing any other developmet on Phoenix! but then I don't know much as it is.....😊 as I'm not a Phoinex club member, I'm a osC member and can only speek about what I can see.
  7. Agree 100% just dont have the time to keep updating every add-on every time the core changes. You just have to pick a point in time when its worth moving up but untill then it's simply best to state what version the add-on has actualy been tested on. In many cases the add-on may well work fine on a newer version of phoinex but unless the add-on has actaly been tested on it you can not claim this... Add to this that the number of people using Phoinex is low.... and among this small group the number moving to the latest version every time is but a hand full.....and the number using it for a live site?? unknown if any..... The need to rush and update add-ons to the latest release is not a big pull. So I would think those doing it out side the club will just do what they can when they can. I personaly simply pick a point in time to update to ( curently and test my (very simple) add-ons to that version. Then when I update my test sites to a new version I check which still works and any new add-ons are then done to the new version. As and when a existing add-on is raised as an issue it is added to a list for update as and when time allows.
  8. I think your missing the whole point of osC! osCommerce is released under the BSD licence and is open source so basicly is, Free redistribution of the software. The source code should be publicly available. The software can be modified and distributed in a different format from the original software. The software should not discriminate against persons or groups. The software should not restrict the usage of other software. If you care to you can read the full details here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_licenses As far as I know this has not changed... So yes jump in and get to know the code.....
  9. I see your back in the good books 😊.... I've uploaded some more basket images on the test site feel free to down load and use them. They are a bit less rustic! aparently not eveyone is a fan of wicker baskets😁....
  10. JcM Header Basket V1.1 Phoenix Fix silly spelling error in language file and change image size from px to vw. The view should now be ok on mobile. full screen mobile phone
  11. A simple fix if the wrap round is not liked is to do a little edit in the language file and change the image width from 150px to 120vw This will adjust the image size on small screens and keep it the same as on large screens.
  12. Yes lot's of scope for layout improvment can be done with simple css to match each sites needs as required.
  13. JcMagpie

    one page checkout

    Yes it does, 🙄 got caught out by those silly zones again! had to deleat them and make a new one to get it to show up but it is working.
  14. JcMagpie

    one page checkout

    I find it best to take small steps that way less chance of me falling on my face...😊 best to get the one page working as is first. Ajax can be added later most of what you need should already be available as several Ajax carts have been done in the past. Bound to be a few Ajax gurus about the forum. file based https://www.w3schools.com/php/showphp.php?filename=demo_ajax_php pulling from db https://www.tutorialspoint.com/php/php_and_ajax.htm
  15. JcMagpie

    one page checkout

    Sorry my mistake looks like stock is not displaying any tax info in the checkout either. Unless I'm missing something? Also I just spotted that this is may not be required on this page.. Something else to consider if you have time is to add a print or save Invoice button so customer can print of a copy of his invoice on comleting order. Never understood why osC is missing this basic function.