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  1. Side bar design

    Ok if you are using you can do all you want by just using user.css. Just use your browser to inspect the elements you need to change copy the details to user.css and you done. for example to change navbar You see you can see .navbar-inverse and its color statements, on the right. Just do this for each element you need to change. You can check if you have the right element by changing the color in the browser by clicking on the color and picking another See here I picked background-color and changed it to red, its as simple as that. Don't make any changes to the original files, just copy the elements you need to user.css and that will do it for you. So to change to red you just add this to user.css .navbar-inverse { background-color: #c23030; border-color: #c23030; } That's it.
  2. Side bar design

    depends which version you are using? This is an option If your using BS or frozen then you can do most of this by just using user.css
  3. SEO URLs in OS

    Sorry Jack but I did not see support thread anywhere in the heading or have I missed something? SEO URLs in OS
  4. SEO URLs in OS

    For anyone new looking to upgrade or move to osCommers Frozen/CE please note that you do not need any additional addon or other software to be SEO compliant. Stock Frozen/CE if installed and setup properly will achieve 100% SEO compliance as tested by Google. Below is the Google audit for stock frozen. Your time is much better spent getting good content on to your website and improving the quality of existing content.
  5. Sock OcS can never be fully legally compliant out of box! Compliance is more that GDPR, It requires complying with tax laws , VAT laws , Company’s house laws and many others. These all are different depending on whether your a sole trader, a partnership, a limited company or a PLC. Its down to the businesses owner to ensure they are fully compliant not a piece of software. I currently have no additional add-on of any sort for GDPR compliance, I simply updated my privacy polices and am fully compliant. The add-ons are a nice to have and will make life simpler for some but they are not a legal requirement. In the UK one of the most strict trading laws is the requirement for companies above a certain turnover to be VAT registered and display VAT number and company registration on all invoices. That's not in stock!
  6. Too many to post all here and the relevance is going to depend on each persons view on if the time is worth the result. Typical few are The key "shrink-to-fit" is not recognized and ignored. Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined resources couldn’t be loaded catalog/ext/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css
  7. So you think you have finished with your new or updated website? Well perhaps not, after doing all that work installing and fine tuning it you will probably want to take one further step. Instead of waiting for google to find your site why not go to google and say “hey I’ve done all the work now check my site for mobile reediness and add it to your mobile index sites list! Simply follow these simple instructions. 1) go to https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly and enter your site Let it do its stuff, When its done it will display your results, if you have done all your stuff right you should get a nice green response saying your page is mobile friendly. Then click the submit button to add your site to googles list of mobile sites to index. That’s it now your done.
  8. Jssor Slider

    Everything on the site is available to download from the apps section apart from the cats on index, it's from @burt I think its part of his 28d bundle not sure best to ask him.
  9. Jssor Slider

    Have a look at this test site, it has the same effect just using different add-on, you can see 2 types in the header and a large one in the page body, https://www.tbyb.co.uk/
  10. favicon.ico error

    favicon.ico file are different depending on which operating system your customer is using! Windows favicon.ico are not the same format as apple.ico or android. Hence the need to have multiple file so you can serve the correct one for each operating system and device. You also need favicon.png files. To serve all the devices currently being used you need about 19-20 files all of different sizes and quality. You only use one file in root if you don't care about marketing your site or businesses properly. Its hard out there as it is you should take advantage of every small simple thing that makes your site easier for the browser to serve to devices. Oh and just to be clear a favicon can be a png, gif or ico all 3 are acceptable. If you really want to push the boat out you can even have a animated gif like this
  11. favicon.ico error

    OK sorry Valqui , I was just making a point that it’s best to post as a none active link when your just wanting to show the path of your shop without giving the actual link, www.site.com belongs to someone as does xyz.com, sorry just my warped sense of humor.
  12. favicon.ico error

    Oh and also these days favicons are more complicated than just having one file in your root! Hence the addon. Browsers now expect to be able to serve the right size favacon for each device, also they are used differently by each device and high resolution displays require better quality favacons. This is all taken care of by the add-on. Nice and simple so yes I recommend using the add-on rather that editing core files. Faviconit Header_tag addon. For Frozen
  13. favicon.ico error

    So that's strange as when I go to the links provided this is what I get,(see below) are you using a shared server? or are you using a redirecting service? clearly something is wrong with the set up as it keeps send people to UltraDNS Redirection Service. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <frameset rows="100%,*" frameborder="no" border="0"> <frame src="https://www.salesforce.com/platform/overview/?d=70130000000liBh&internal=true" scrolling="auto"> <noframes> <body><table border="2" width="50%"> <tr><td>Your browser does not appear to support frames. However, you can still view the content you requested by clicking the link below.</td></tr> <tr><td><a href="https://www.salesforce.com/platform/overview/?d=70130000000liBh&internal=true">https://www.salesforce.com/platform/overview/?d=70130000000liBh&internal=true</a></p></td></tr> </table></body> </noframes> </frameset> </html> Salesforce .com appear to own www.site.com and are redirecting it to there main site. They also provide hosting for e-commerce which is why I thought you may be using them. all very confusing?
  14. favicon.ico error

    It looks as if you are trying to get files from another site and they are refusing you access! following the link in your error takes you to a dead page and then to this site, www.salesforce.com/products/ ?? only you will know why you are getting resources from this site. Are you using a CRM or other extension from these people?
  15. No sorry no plans to do that, just don't see the point. If you want to display cats then ask @burt as he has a Cat's on index add-on as part of the 28d thing. Or post in the commercial section to get one coded.