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  1. JcMagpie

    Creating New Navbar above Existing Navbar

    try this file. cm_header_nbrmenu.php
  2. JcMagpie

    Creating New Navbar above Existing Navbar

    I will take a look , but you may also try using this? https://apps.oscommerce.com/lf9R4&horizontal-megamenu-bootstrap
  3. JcMagpie

    Creating New Navbar above Existing Navbar

    zip your files and either post or pm and i'll have a look
  4. JcMagpie

    Creating New Navbar above Existing Navbar

    Yes just make a new module header or nav and then you can select which order it shows on the site. Just pick an existing one rename it and add your code.
  5. Then your going to have to pay a developer to make that for you. For anyone else interested in doing this with attributes you can make it a bit easer for the customer by adding a simple calculator so they know how much they need.
  6. You could just use the product attributes in osC to do this, just prce by volume and let them pick the volume they need. You can see this on this test product. https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/product_info.php/cPath/24/products_id/54
  7. I'm not aware of any free add-on that will do this but I may be wrong. I'm sure if you post in the commercial section one of the developers will be able to help. If you can do a little codeing the add-on shown above should have the most important part of the code you need ( the price update to cart) The only thing you need in addition is a simple input form for the customer to enter the 3 dimentions. If your using CE then thats a simple add-on if not then it requires editing existing files.
  8. Have been updated to version 1.3 to make them multilingual.

  9. JcM Product info description_tabs Select Have been updated to version 1.3 to make them multilingual. I am not going to update any other version of this so if you need multilingual then turn off curent version and uninstall module and the deleat files. Then simply copy over new files , install in admin and setup. For those who are using these but have mofified the code! well it's up to you to compare the changes and update if needed.
  10. lso I think you are a bit confused! osC is not magic! it will not auto create language files 😊 Yes the tabs at the moment are single language only as I made them for my site but all stock data used is stock osC and it's up to you to add the alternative text. This is you english page showing Swedish stock text This is your Swedish page again showing Sweedish stock text. Ig noring the tabs ( thats all down to me ) I can only assume yo have not added english text in you products in admin? To use osC as muliligual you have to add text in admin for every language you use. Also every time you change a product info you must make that change to all languages. which is a real pain in the butt! Hence I recommend using the Google Translate add-on. https://apps.oscommerce.com/mYuUD&info-box-with-google-translate-bs4
  11. Not posiable with current tabs. It's on a long list of thngs to do. You will have noticed I have been updating the ones people have asked for so this will join that list and when I have time it will be updated. Or you can do it your self, its not hard it's simple case of adding a language file and moving the defines from the class to the language file. This will mean that you then have to edit a language file in order make changes rather than simplely in the admin module edit. This should only be affecting new content such as tab names and such. All stock content is still mulitlingual! Or you can support the CE software and buy Burt's 28days as I belive it has tabs in it.
  12. I'm not sure i did? please post link. If you are using the Frozen version then some buttons are moduler so as you change the width the button will chnage acordingly. If the button is part of another module then you can change the class to suite your needs. btn-sm btn-lg btn-block It all depends on which version you are using. on CE Frozen BS4 width set to 4 gives Content Modules Buy Button width set to 12 gives, just an example you normaly have to adjust others to keep layout as you need.