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  1. Hi Thanks for the quick response. I can see the zones section on my admin site. What exactly do I do here though? There are already 181 zones. Spain for example has a zone for every region. Do I have to put each country in the world into a 'domestic' or 'international' zone? Sorry for being thick. Regards Mat
  2. Hi I have several domestic and international shipping methods. Currently, when a customer based in GB (my base) checks out, he sees ALL shipping methods, both domestic and international. This is clearly wrong - I need him to only see domestic methods. If he was based outside of GB, I would want him to only see international methods. Is there a simple setting that I have overlooked here that will make this happen? It seems weird that I have this problem, as it is very un-logical. If it isn't an error, is there a contribution somewhere that I can use? Kind Regards Mat
  3. mat01

    Google Checkout Problem

    Hi Sorry - this may be simple for some people - but I really don't get this GoogleCheckout shipping stuff. I'm trying to use Royal Mail shipping methods, 1st class, airsure etc and have set them all up in the way described. When my customers go through the the GC checkout page they DO see the right methods, but the price is bizzarre. It bears no relation to any of my prices set in any method. Where OH where can I set the GC rates for different methods? Are they taken directly from the existing shipping methods, as used by OSC normally? If so, why are they different on GC checkout pages? This is all very weird, and not awfully well explained anywhere? Can someone help please? Just a simple FAQ would really help the vast majority of us I guess? Thanks
  4. mat01

    GoogleCheckOut Shipping Problem

    So a month later, and I'm still trying to get Google Checkout to work - I now seem to have the shipping methods going okay (or so I thought) but now I get the following message <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <error xmlns="http://checkout.google.com/schema/2" serial-number="4c06127d-f3eb-4c61-afe0-0189xxxxxxaf"> <error-message>Error parsing XML; message from parser is: Invalid value for body of shipping-company in checkout-shopping-cart/checkout-flow-support/merchant-checkout-flow-support/shipping-methods/carrier-calculated-shipping/carrier-calculated-shipping-options/carrier-calculated-shipping-option: That is not one of the acceptable values</error-message> </error> My shipping_methods_ccs.php is : $cc_shipping_methods = array( 'royalmail' => array( 'domestic_types' => array( 'rmfirst' => 'First Class', 'rmspecial' => 'Special Delivery' ), 'international_types' => array( 'airmail' => 'Airmail', 'internationalsignedfor' => 'International Signed For' ) ) ); $cc_shipping_methods_names = array('royalmail' => 'RoyalMail'); Does anyone know what's going on here? Thanks
  5. mat01

    GoogleCheckOut Shipping Problem

    That's brilliant, thank you very much
  6. mat01

    GoogleCheckOut Shipping Problem

    Hi - I have what seems to be the age old problem of undefined shipping methods. Below my Google Checkout Button in my store is the following text : Error: Shipping Methods not configured airmail (ignored) internationalsignedfor (ignored) rmfirst (ignored) rmspecial (ignored) However - I HAVE defined these in my googlecheckout.php file as : // These are the flat shipping methods, add any other that is not merchant calculated $this->shipping_support = array("flat", "item", "itemint", "table"); // These are all the available methods for each shipping provider, // see that you must set flat methods too!} // CONSTRAINT: Method's names MUST be UNIQUE //$this->mc_shipping_methods = $mc_shipping_methods; //$this->mc_shipping_methods_names = $mc_shipping_methods_names; $this->mc_shipping_methods = array( 'domestic_types' => array( 'rmfirst' => 'Royal Mail First Class', 'rmspecial' => 'Royal Mail Special Delivery' ), 'international_types' => array( 'airmail' => 'Airmail', 'internationalsignedfor' => 'International Signed For' ) ); $this->mc_shipping_methods_names = array( 'airmail' => 'Royal Mail Airmail', 'internationalsignedfor' => 'Royal Mail International Signed For', 'rmfirst' => 'Royal Mail First Class', 'rmspecial' => 'Royal Mail Special Delivery', ); When I look on the config section of the GoogleCheckout module in OSC, I cannot see rmfirst, rmspecial etc... mentioned at all.... All I see is : Carrier Calculater Shipping Configuration gedexGrounddomestic_types_CCS:1.00|0|0, fedexHome Deliverydomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, fedexExpress Saverdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, fedex2Daydomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, fedexStandard Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, fedexPriority Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, fedexFirst Overnightdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, upsGrounddomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, ups3 Day Selectdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, ups2nd Day Airdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, upsNext Day Air Saverdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, upsNext Day Airdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, upsNext Day Air Early AMdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, uspsMedia Maildomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, uspsParcel Postdomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, uspsExpress Maildomestic_types_CCS:0|0|0, These are not shipping methods that I use or have installed previously - so I don't have a clue where they're coming from. This problem seems to be a fairly common one, but nothing I have read explains any of the above. Can someone help please. Kind Regards
  7. mat01

    PayPal IPN?

    Hi - I don't know if I've added this module incorrectly, but now in reports my 'Products Purchased' counts only the things I sold with the old method. Stuff sold with the new module just isn't counting. Does anyone know how to solve this please? Thanks
  8. Hi.... I'm a little confused. I want to use four shipping methods. RM First + RM Special for packages going to the UK Airmail + Airmail International Signed for for packages going abroad. I want customers to be able to choose between a non-signed for and a signed for method. At the moment a UK customer gets the choice of RM1st RM Special and airmail international signed for. They shouldn't be offered airmail international signed for because the package is inland. Also A customer from france is JUST being offered Air Mail international signed for instead of both Airmail and International Signed for. Can someone help me with this? What criteria is the airmail/international signed for decision made? How can I offer my customers what I want? By the way - this contribution IS fantastic - thanks very much for it stu200. Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions
  9. Hi - I think I've done a stupid thing. My site has several shipping options : Royal Mail 1st Royal Mail Special and Airmail. I wanted to create an 'Airmail Signed for' module so I copied the 2 airmail php files and renamed them. I changed the text in one, and the class names in the other and uploaded them. Unfortunately it did not work very well. I deleted the files to try and get back to the original condition, but now I have a situation where all three original shipping modules appear installed. The airmail module is un-editable though through osc. It has an install button next to it, and when I press it, it does not change to the config panel. So although it IS installed, I can't edit zones, prices etc. Can someone please tell me how I can solve this problem. Is there a value stored in the DB somewhere I need to change back? Thanks in advance.