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  1. I got the Dangling Carrots installed and working partially in CRE Loaded 6.2.08. It was a frustrating install since there is no clear direction on setting it up and using it. I think we can work to make it better as this is a very useful contrib. Like many others, I had the issue that the gift item was not being added to the cart once you click it. I found out by trial and error, that this problem happens when the free gift has been put on sale as well. Remove the sale price and it should work. Also don't forget to put a button_add_now.gif file to where the button images are called from in your package. Being said that, I would like to be able to add a gift or special offer with a sale price once the threshold is reached. I am assuming a status has to be changed in the sale query but I have no clue how to do the mod. :blush: Any help will be highly appreciated. Also, when you click the 'Product is Carrot' in the item description, that item is automatically made to hide from the catalog. This is intentional. I would like to make a page where I show the list of free or special offers with associated thresholds. I am assuming you can make duplicate entries of the carrots and hide their prices. But is there a better way? Any suggestions welcome.