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  1. at this point i don't think there is. however, with a little bit of messing around in the code, you should be able to do this without too much trouble.
  2. are you using MS2?? if not, email me a copy of your shoppingcart.php
  3. i was just wondering if anyone has found a way of making CoolMenu work with a centered shop? i've seen a ton of posts about this, but never an answer. any help??
  4. Thanks Joe! You've made the correct changes. I was doing some more tests on this last night and realized what it was doing, but you beat me to the punch. sorry so many lines of code, i'm still rather new to php, so i know there are better ways to do some of the stuff i want to do, but i don't know how. Thanks for the support! (what do you think, should they add this into the next release of OSC?)
  5. yes, actually i'm the one that made it. it will work just how you want. i have a mix of both on my site if you would like to see it in action. thanks for the interest
  6. Aalst!!! You rock! I can't believe you have done all that work in such a short period of time. (do you ever sleep?) 8P everything looks good in MS2. the only thing i saw was the grand total says table_cart_grandtotal$22.37 rather than Grand Total: $22.37. But i can fix that myself. Thanks again
  7. any word on when the next release might be??
  8. i also seem to having this problem. only the error is coming across on line 175. i am on a linux server and am using php 4.3.4 i just installed this contribution and i have a feeling that i am going to love it. i just need it to work. any suggestions?