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  1. I love this mod, many thanks to the author for creating it! :D


    For those who want to integrated this contribution better into their checkout-pages, it's simple:


    Open includes\modules\easy_coupons_box.php


    Remove <?php echo tep_draw_form('coupon', tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), '', $request_type)); ?>

    And </form>


    This means you can place it wherever you want in the pages, without having to worry about the existing form (that in fact stretches over the entire page).



  2. I tried searching through this thread as well as the whole contribution forum, but I couldn't find anything helpful.


    So you're suggesting the standard Free Shipping module can somehow be rewritten to offer Insurance instead? How can it be done as an option for customers, though? I don't know how to do this, as my php coding is rather limited, and I am still learning oscommerce, that's why I am offering a donation instead.

  3. That's too bad Craig, but I am really hoping someone will step up, as I am willing to donate to get the job done.


    Sorry for not specifying, but yes, it should work as order total, not per vendor. It should be optional selectable (eg. a tickbox, not a radiobutton - the customer must still select a shipping method) and add a static amount to the shipping charge when select.

  4. I had the same problem. To fix it, do this:


    Open admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php and includes/functions/compatibility.php:

    At the end of the “do_magic_quotes_gpc” routine, add the following code: reset($ar);

    It will end up looking like this:

    function do_magic_quotes_gpc(&$ar) {
    			if (!is_array($ar)) return false;
    			while (list($key, $value) = each($ar)) {
    			if (is_array($ar[$key])) {
    			} else {
    			$ar[$key] = addslashes($value);

    I can't remember who originally wrote this tip, but it works great.

  5. For everybody who wants to import/export the vendors_id in MVP with Easy Populate, I finally managed to include the vendors_id with EP (with a little help from surfalot, who helped me fix up something with two other fields I was including). Here is how to do it:


    1. Open up easypopulate.php


    $default_these = array(
    INSERT BELOW 'v_products_quantity',:
    'v_status'			=> $iii++,
    'v_vendors_id'		=> $iii++,
    p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity,
    p.vendors_id as v_vendors_id,
    $sql = "SELECT
    INSERT BELOW p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity,:
    p.vendors_id as v_vendors_id,
    $query = "INSERT INTO ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." (
    INSERT BELOW products_quantity,:
    $query .="				'$v_products_model',
    INSERT BELOW '$v_products_quantity',:
    $query .= '", products_weight="'.$v_products_weight .
    INSERT BELOW , products_quantity="' . $v_products_quantity .  :
    '", vendors_id="' . $v_vendors_id .


    2. That's it, you're all done. :)



    On a second note, here are the order I installed my mods in when reinstalling osCommerce (could be useful for some people):


    Contributions that I found to be incompatible with MVS:
    Package Tracking with Email Mod2 1.54 (I tested it 3 times, no go.. maybe you have more luck than me - anyway, MVS works fine with Shipping Status 3.3.1 for those wanting tracking functionality)
    Installation order:
    MVS 1.1
    Shipping Status 3.3.1
    Seach Engine Friendly URL (including doubleslash fix) v1.10
    Easy Populate
    New Fields with Easy Populate 19 May 2005
    All Categories
    osCAffiliate v2.5
    Automatic Thumbnail Creator v1.0 - (Auto Delete Mod)
    Opt-Out Unsubscribe Newsletter
    Clean up Images from Server
    Upload Images
    Product sold per MonthYear
    Tricks/Tweaks (changing logo, title, that sort of things)
    Store in Root


    Finally, I am looking for a simple Insurance mod that will work with MVS. Basically it should be very simple: allow me to setup a fixed price for the insurance, and secondly, allow the customer to choose if he wants insurance or not during the checkout. Anyone knows of a usable one?


    EDIT: Hmm, maybe this? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...earch,insurance


    Anyone knows if it works with MVS?

  6. Well, I said I wouldn't help with contrib integration, but you came close and I admire the do-it-yourself attitude.

    your problem is here. when you craft a SQL insert INSERT INTO () VALUES (), the fields on the front side of the insert must match exactly in position and number with the back side of the statement. So you added products_briefdesc & products_condition to the very beginning of the field list on the front side (that is, before the image and model fields). But on the back side you added the fields between quantity and manufacturer id fields. If you clear out the "image mods" code comments it might be easier to see. So you need to move '$v_products_briefdesc', & '$v_products_condition', up above the image and model vars.

    Thank you very much for the tip surfalot, it works like a charm now. Sometimes it can be very hard to find a small clerical error amongst so much code. ;)

  7. Hi,


    I was hoping to get some help with using a couple of new fields with Easy Populate (also with using a field from MVS (vendors_id), but let's take one thing at a time).


    With the original un-modded EP 2.76d-MS2 (with attributes) by Surfalot: I tested exporting my test-product, changed the Model and Name of it to insert another product, everything worked just fine.


    With the modded EP (after I inserted two new fields, products_briefdesc and products_condition): I can export the products just fine by using "Download Complete .txt file to edit", the file also includes the two new fields with information. However, when I try to import products, the values get inserted into the wrong fields!


    I have been looking over the easypopulate.php file all day, but I am no EP expert, and I am getting rather desperate about this. So I was wondering if I could kindly get any help here?


    Here is a link to the Modded Easy Populate that I am using at the moment.

  8. Nevermind about the EP questions, Craig. Guess I am just frustrated today. I believe I have found a good solution, and will post it here tomorrow if I get to work.


    I just have two simple questions related to adding a new product:


    Vendors Price(Base) - what significance does this have on the product?

    Vendors Item Number - what's this for?

  9. There are copies in both the main EP page(you will need to dig down through the versions, there has not been an update to it for quite a while) and on the OLD MVS download page(do a search for Multi Vendor, and you will find the old page).


    Good luck, Craig :) :thumbsup:

    Well I found "EasyPopulate with Vendors Auto Email support" on the EP-page, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it? It's a 3 year old contribution, so I don't know if it would work with today's osC at all? I also looked through the old mvs contribution page withouth finding anything, and I couldn't find the old thread, maybe it has been purged from the forums?


    I really wish there were some manual instructions for adding MVS support to EP. :(

  10. Nevermind about that, I did another clean install and copied it all over. One thing, though, and keep in mind this is a stock install, when I edit the Vendor to change name, etc... and press Update it says "The requested URL /oscommerce/admin/update was not found on this server." I can't remember reading anything about that in the installation instructions?


    Hopefully I will be able to get everything to work in conjunction with the other mods I use. I will let you know how things turns out.

  11. Thanks again Craig, installation went much smoother this time around.


    Notably I only have one problem now. When I click Manage My Store, and click on Install, the page just refreshes quickly and nothing happens. In what file/where does this function lie so that I can check if I forgot something?

  12. (Tried editing my post, but it didn't work)


    blucollarguy: I just have one more question. Do you know if MVS _at least_ works with the following contribution: Package Tracking with Email Mod, NewFields, and Easy Populate (I desperately need to be able to import products and have EP work with both NewFields and MVS)?


    I think I'm gonna reinstall and see if that helps, depending on the answers you give me.

  13. Did you run the sql? It sounds like you didn't, since the table being referenced is from the MVS sql.


    Craig :)

    I'm positive that I ran the sql correctly, as phpmyadmin returned 'sql has been executed successfully', plus I can see the tables and stuff there.


    I followed the installation instructions to the letter (by the way, the admin part can work without the frontend, right?) Are you sure MVS won't conflict with another mod? Because one of the things in the installation instructions I had to change a tiny bit. The section that says:


    //MVS start Many additions here, the order they are listed is very important: all new fields have vendor or vendors in the name, (ie,

    Because of the NewFields contribution, I had to add in two entries manually after replacing the original code with the MVS contribution. I dunno how important the order those tables appear in really is?

  14. Hi,


    I'm pretty new to the forums, but I'm trying to install MVS 1.1 on osC 2.2. I completed installing the Admin part, but I got an error saying:


    1146 - Table 'oscommerce.table_vendor_configuration' doesn't exist


    select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from TABLE_VENDOR_CONFIGURATION

    I browse through the forums and added the necessary stuff to database_tables.php, but when I visit the admin pages now all I get is a blank page!


    It's worth nothing that I have several other contributions installed, including Clean up Images from Server, Easy Populate, osCAffiliate v2.5, and in particularly NewFields.


    Can anyone help with fixing this?

  15. Hi,


    Am I the only one who finds it very confusing wrapping my head around the shipping methods in oscommerce?


    Basically I have two main categories, which have 3-4 subcategories each. I want to have two different shipping methods for each category, which should automatically include the subcategories (for each relevant category).


    In Category #1 I would like for it to automatically use Flat Rate.

    In Category #2 I would like it to use the contribution First Item Plus Additional (or something similar).


    Now here comes my question, what if the customer buys one product from each category? Is the shipping method I am suggesting possible, if so, is there a contribution or a simle modification that could get the job done?


    Any help is appreciated,

    From frustrated oscommerce-user. :lol: