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  1. I got the exact same error (everything else works fine with NewFields, only a problem with EP), and the cause is most likely yourself. Here's what I did: 1. Installed New Fields as per instructions (or so I thought). 2. Tried to export the complete txt-file (I use tab-delimited + excel-safemode disabled) to edit from EP. 3. Got the following error: (I have added two fields, briefdescription and condition.) So I figured I was going to browse through the forums to see if someone had the same error, which was the case. But no solution in sight. 4. I replaced the easypopulate.php with the stock file (if you have modified this file with any other contribution, you should go through the readme and reverse your changes) and changed some EP-settings (temp-dir, separator, etc). 5. Exported the file, everything went fine. 6. Went through the easypopulate steps in the NewFields readme again, following instructions carefully. 7. Exported the file again, everything went fine, the new fields were included in it! I haven't tried importing yet, but I assume that should work fine too. So to everyone that is getting the 1054 error, read the above (hopefully this helps). ;)
  2. I see now why it didn't work with a comma-delimited format. EP did not like that I had several commas in the description field. So I guess it's tab demilited all the way for me.:lol:
  3. Hehe, I just included that part so you would know that everything was going fine with importing/exporting with the test-product I already had in my store. But anyway, I tested importing one product with tab delimited, and it worked fine. This seems very strange to me, as there should be practically no difference between dividers. I would really like to use a comma delimited format, though. :(
  4. What do you mean, pixclinic? Did you read my post at all? :-"
  5. This is a great contribution, but I am having a big problem importing products, and I cannot see what I am doing wrong. I have one test product in the store, now I would like to add around 25 more by using Easy Populate (which I am using with the Extra Fields contribution). Downloading the complete CSV file to edit works fine, so does reimporting it with the one test product I have installed. Now I have gone over the syntax in the file I am trying to import over and over in the last 2 hours, and I am going crazy. All I get when Import is this message: I know perfectly well that you have to include a products_model, something which I have done for all the products in the file. But I still get the message, I don't know why. I have included both the exported file and the file that I am trying to import, you can download and view the archive here: http://home.online.no/~kjetil.v/import.zip Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?
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    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Isn't there a simpler way than installing _another_ addon?
  7. JangoF

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    I have been looking everywhere for a solution for this (which is probably really simple), so I am posting here. I have the Extra Fields 2.0j addon installed, and it works great. I use two custom fields, one of them being 'brief description'. What I want to do is print out this custom field (not the second field) under each product in the product/category list. Anyone knows how to do this?
  8. Hi all, I'm new to osCommerce, so I have been spending the last few days scourging the forums and the contributions to see if I can find anything useful. Since I need to import thousands of products, I found Easy Populate to be simply brilliant. However, on the flip-side, I have yet to find an equally brilliant way of uploading 1000 images (through the browser, not FTP). I am wondering how osCommerce handles images. I see from the standard installation that there is one folder for each manufacturer. I have two main categories on my test-site, and 3-5 subcategories for each of them. It is possible to make it so that it uses only one folder for all products (all my product names are unique, and so are the image names)? What I am looking for is a script/contribution that lets me upload one zip archive of images to the image folder, which then extracts them automatically. Does something like that already exist, or would it be hard to create? Hope my questions were not too confusing. Thanks for any answers. ;)
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    Batch Upload Images (in Archive?)

    Not exactly what I was looking for, so I guess I have to keep looking. :rolleyes: