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  1. Sadly there are an awful lot of people like that, myself included. What a crazy mistake for them to make and leave broken for so long :( The saving grace is that we try to discourage people from using the paypal option as much as possible these days so sales on it are only a few a day.
  2. It's happened to us as well. We've made no changes to the server or scripts so I was sort of hoping we weren't alone with this problem. Has anyone got a resolution yet? When a system that's worked fine for 3 years suddenly stops it gets worrying.
  3. It's been said before but is still a very clumsy and long-winded solution to the problem, especially for those with a lot of mods already installed as the highlighted differences can be huge in some cases and sorting through them, especially for novices, can be a big task. Amazing for such a big and popular contribution that nobody has written a simple guide with the changes listed as most of the better mods have. I may try giving it a go myself if I can find some time as it so badly needs doing.
  4. I was looking for an edit link but couldn't find one for the previous post. It was actually the 404 redirect causing the problem. It seems a transparent spacer gif was causing a 404 error on the page which was for all practicle purposes invisible other than in the error log. With a 404 redirect in place even for a tiny gif it seems request_uri stops working 9 times out of 10. Odd but at least it's fixed now and the error log is smaller too ;)
  5. Silly me - it seems it had nothing to do with other contributions. The problem is caused by using 301 redirects in htaccess. For some reason when it is present (even though it is for pages not in the oscomerce system) REQUEST_URI gets flakey. Take out all 301 redirects and it works again. If anybody has had this problem before or come across it I'd be grateful for more info. I need to use 301 redirects to help keep some very good google rankings for the site so if anybody knows why they affect the URI request...
  6. Oh well - thanks again for the reply and trying to help. Worth mentioning that loaded uses BTS rather than STS (I keep getting the two confused as well) and I have a site running with loaded too (although would never use it on another). The BTS system that loaded uses seems fine with WOE. The problem with the STS may be in the way that it changes code on the fly. I'll try to look into it deeper for others who may find the same problem but as I say may have limited success as my PHP isn't as strong as it should be. The really odd thing though is that now and again the page visited DOES show but for no obvious reason. 95% of the time it's blank. Oh and once again thanks all for a great contribution!
  7. Many thanks for the reply: 1. Yep - certain 2. Nothing stored either so it looks like REQUEST_URI is for some reason returning a blank. I know it's using the REQUEST_URI routine (I use ultimate SEO urls) as I checked by adding a character to the end of the $uri string in the section where it adds REQUEST_URI. The test character I added showed fine but not the url. It's not a server issue as other sites are fine on the same server. It's also not an ultimate SEO url's issue as an almost identically modded site on the same server is fine using the same version of ultimate seo and identical setting. The ONLY thing different in this site that I can think of is it made life easier for this one to use the STS. Is there any reason you can think of that STS would cause REQUEST_URI to return a blank in whois? My PHP knowledge is basic so looking deeper into that is almost impossible for me. 3. Yep, as with No.1 - uploaded the new files several times over the past few days just to treble check it wasn't something stupid like that.
  8. Any suggestions appreciated. I have WOE on quite a few sites now. I've just loaded it onto a new sites and everything is fine EXCEPT - most of the time it will not show the last URL. It pops up now and again which seems to be when the site is first hit but after that it shows the page as root (ie / ) whatever page the visitor is on. Any suggestions? Anyone else had this problem but managed to fix it?
  9. Tipsy

    fast easy checkout

    Apologies if it's already been posted but a great contrib. and a lot of work seem to currently be let down by the installation instructions. My sites are heavily modded and unfortunately my PHP knowledge is not terrible but not as good as it should be. At the moment it seems the installation wants you to change standard files - great if your store has the unchanged installation files but no use for those that don't. Is anyone planning to publish the installation instructions listing just the changes/additions that need making to existing files? I thought I'd ask before spending many frustrating hours trying to spot all the changes and make them myself. Other than that great and much needed contrib. :)
  10. Just installed it and no visitors are showing. As the method of grabbing the IP has changed it could simply be my setup not working with tep_get_ip_address() for some reason. I'll look into it and let people know the result in case someone else gets the same prob.
  11. The colours are more than fine for me - thanks. Although my colour blindness is only mild compared to many I think most will be OK. The 'tones' are different enough for them to be easily recognized no matter what the colour looks like to someone :) Thanks again.
  12. Just added it on 3 sites. It seems to be fine for the most part so far. I'll post if there's any hiccups. Thanks for all the work guys - appreciated.
  13. The flags sound fun but aren't too important. As to the lights all I'd ask is that the difference between light and dark is pronounced enough being one of the many with red/green colour blindness :) Failing that making the colours totally different would get around it ie red/yellow red/blue yellow/blue etc etc. A silly little handicap but one that a lot of people have got :blush: That said it'd be easy enough to make a small tweak myself and change the colour if need be. It's the rest of the code someone with my limited abilities struggles with :) So just being released in whatever flavour would be fine.
  14. Any advice would be wonderful - it's probably something simple... After adding PP IPN ver 3 to my cart everytime someone tries to use paypal rather than going to the paypal site they simply go straight to checkout success without paying. Help! I've turned test mode off etc etc in the admin and dont know what else to try. Any suggestions please??? Thanks
  15. Totally understandable. If the hack was easyish and you have the time I'm more than happy to play about with my own shop files ;)