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    Easy Discount

    i have two items which i want to be discounted $10 if bought together at the moment i have: <?php //offer include_once(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS.'easy_discount.php'); $easy_discount->reset(); if ($cart->count_contents() >= 2) { if($products_id == 13) { $easy_discount->add('myoffer','$10 Off',10); } } else { $easy_discount->remove_type('myoffer'); } ?> But i dont want it just for $products_id of 13,,,it needs to only execute $easy_discount->add('myoffer','$10 Off',10); if BOTH product id 13 and 17 are in the basket, if BOTH are not in the basket then it should not offer the discount, how do i do this?
  2. spdev

    2gether Discount

    in dire need of a solution for this, i need a contrib like this where i can get product A and product B and discount of 10% if bought together but need it to work with attributes...please someone must have fixed this? I need this like today :'(
  3. ive searched around but found no answer... i need to be able to add my own php code into the template its self. in the template i need to be able to write recordset queries and some other PHP code but it wont parse as its .html for the template, ive tried .php and still it wont parse, just errors. All the code needs to go above the <html> any tips?
  4. i have installed the auto thumbnailer and for the most it works great, love the idea behindit but i have one little problem, the images shown for the products on their individual pages have the images all squashed...and ive tried changing the image h + w parameters in the admin and in the script (the script is unmodified atm) but still all the images are 47px high and approx 170 - 200 width and squashed. Any solutions? spdev
  5. Im using fckeditor for wysiwyg editing on product descriptions on 3 osc sites i hav and all of them take AGES to load up the product add/edit page...has anyone had any problems like this and/or found a solution? Its deadly slow and i cant keep it on if its going to be that slow. Spdev
  6. spdev

    Paypal Return to merchant

    the original poster has not run away, simply been busy and not received any notification of the post update until today. I finally got this sorted, im so happy. The solution in my case was to set the IPN return address to http://mysite.tld/checkout_process.php and that seems to be working for the moment. (touch wood) Hope everyone else gets this problem sorted as it was a real b**ch and really really annoyed me and made me waste SO much time trying to figure it out.
  7. spdev

    Paypal Return to merchant

    bump bump
  8. spdev

    Paypal Return to merchant

    Hi guys! im having a problem with the stock paypal module with oscommerce the checkout progress seems to go fine, gets to the point where the customer gets sent over to paypal to continue the purchase and then all is good the customer gets charged and the money is sent to the store admin. But the problem is that at the end when the button "Return to merchant" appears (linked to checkout_process.php?OsCID=XXX) when this is clicked instead of sending back to the page it should, the site actually lands back on the login.php and none of the orders have actually gone through on the shop side. Ive been searching for a fix but cannot find one, even using the paypal IPN module doesnt fix this. Please this site needs to go live ASAP and this is the only hold back im having. PAYPAL RETURN TO MERCHANT LINK sends me back to login.php instead of sites checkout process as it should. Any ideas people? thanks in advance!