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    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    WOW!! This contribution looks GREATT!! Can you answer some questions about it? 1) What is used to match customers from OSC to Customers in QB and how does it prevent duplicate customers? 2) Does it handle items in OSC with attributes (like sizes) to Quickbooks itmes which are all different SKUs? 3) I am assuming that once I import the orders from OSC, it will reduce inventory in QB, then its simply a matter of syncing back the other way? (if I also took offline orders that day) 4) This is awesome!!!! Thanks!
  2. ethanpil

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Has anyone tried this contribution with creloaded?
  3. I looked through the files of the version that I have and it doesn not contain any license information, so I am not sure if we can legally assume that it was GPL since it was on this site, or perhaps that was exactly why they removed it, since its status is unclear. If someone has an older copy that specifically states it was GPL, we should start there... On another note, does anyone know if there is a setting to resize the images and add rounded corners? So I could easily crate images like these: Algozone Template
  4. good to hear that it is working again!
  5. Those still work, but the latest version there is 1.15. Here is a link that I found for Image Magic 1.17 and it includes all instructions. It works perfectly for me, including text and image watermarking, so if you are having trouble know that it must be your server or incorrect installation. http://rapidshare.com/files/17703789/image...117osc.zip.html Good Luck!
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    I just found this contribution and I love the idea of flexibiliy and easy addition of new feeds, but it seems the potential of it has been missed, why isn't anyone sharing their config file? If we all pooled together we could have a massive feedmachine version that could generate feeds for many different sites! Why are people not sharing, it would be great for all of us!! Am I missing something?