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    Default Authorize.net Module Usable?

    Tincan: I was able to successfully work with SecurePay by obtaining two files from them. This is explained in this forum link: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=securepay I did NOT use the contribution or the translator. I couldn't make the translator work. In my opinion, >95% of merchant account providers and payment gateway providers have very poor customer service records. Go to the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.com and enter SecurePay, Charge.Com or anyone else along with their corporate address and you will see grades ranging from C- to D to F to "Unacceptable". Even Elavon (recommended by Costco) and Authorize.Net (#2 payment processor, I think) have terrible records with the Better Business Bureau and virtually none of the major guys out there are members of the BBB. I was using SecurePay (gateway) and Charge.com (merchant). They are directly related - different companies but I'm pretty sure they have a common owner - both are in Atlanta. They were tolerable, but out of the blue SecurePay hit me with a $150 fee for "PCI Compliance". The ugly secret is that no one mentions this fee in their ads but the credit card companies are forcing the paperwork due to fraud problems. Authorize.net charges $109 for this, but it's not something they volunteer to disclose until you establish your account. I'm switching to Authorize.Net purely for technical reasons. I'm starting to sell a 25MB downloadable product and my web host (iPower) won't support more than a 1 minute max download time unless I upgrade to a $50/month semi-dedicated server. So I found e-Junkie which hosts digital downloads for as little as $5 /month, but they only support the Authorize.net payment gateway. Good Luck!
  2. I have been using SecurePay successfully as my payment gateway and now want to change to Authorize.net. Is the default Authorize.net module usable or do I have to install the AIM or SIM contribution? I notice the default module only seems to prompt for the CC number, not allowing MC or VISA to be specified. I have a simple website with just two products, but I want to accept MC and VISA as I've been doing with SecurePay.
  3. Jack - Thanks for your quick reply !
  4. Can someone be more explicit about step 1: "Run the required SQL statement using the file allprods.sql" ? I don't know how to accomplish this. I'm running OSCommerce on an iPowerWeb server. I'd really like to use this "All Products" capability. Thanks.