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  1. Probably the same problem that i am getting... lots of warning.. and then the final single warning. Please explain where this could be going wrong?
  2. hi i am looking for a module or a way to give customers the option to pay $50 (eg) for shipping and that will entitle the customer to buy more items for a period of time.. month.. year.. to buy and never be charge shipping fee on any items they buy is there a module like this?
  3. opps sorry.. i didnt see that its already there but not turned on :)
  4. is anyone able to advise how i can make the model# & the Tax Status column s"editable" like the price/quantity as such.. i would like to be edit the model# and select the tax too.. please any assistance else i am loving this contribute
  5. devilgrins

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    where or what file would i need to modify to remove the ability to edit "suburb" also i would like to add in there cvv2 under the credit card number for editting too. how would i do that. thanks for your time
  6. devilgrins

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    is there a way to get account history info showing the products unit total with TAX added? where it gives the products/model/unit and total info i would the amount to reflect with TAX.. thanks for any info....
  7. devilgrins

    [contribution] "osC_GiftWrap_v1.0"

    Would anyone be able to modified this slightly to have an image showing when the customer chooses a giftwrapping as well as in checking _confirmation
  8. devilgrins

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    i have started with a new installation of SPPC .. and then added other mods after. Though i have it working i have noticed a change to my formatting of myaccount.. it jumps to my login.php page.. but the main screen has moved dramatically over to the right. i have noticed it in new producst too.. http://moderatelypassionate.com/teststore/login.php can someone please help me?? Lastly when i go to "specials" i get this error 1146 - Table 'moderate_teststr.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS' doesn't exist select products_id, customers_group_price from TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS where (products_id = '139' ) and customers_group_id = '0' could anyone advise what went wrong.
  9. got another question... anyone got this mod working with sppc.. i have already run into troubles.. the file i have to edit is catalog/admin/includes/boxes/customers.php : with : // BOF Separate Pricing Per Customer if ($selected_box == 'customers') { $contents[] = array('text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_CUSTOMERS . '</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_ORDERS . '</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link('customers_groups.php', '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS . '</a>'); // EOF Separate Pricing Per Customer BUT AAL has also edit this file with : // BOE Access with Level Account (v. 2.2a) for the Admin Area of osCommerce (MS2) 1 of 1 // reverse comments to below lines to disable // $contents[] = array('text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_CUSTOMERS . '</a><br>' . // '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_CUSTOMERS_ORDERS . '</a>'); $contents[] = array('text' => tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, BOX_CUSTOMERS_CUSTOMERS) . tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_ORDERS, BOX_CUSTOMERS_ORDERS)); // EOE Access with Level Account (v. 2.2a) for the Admin Area of osCommerce (MS2) 1 of 1 what can I do so i can have sppc code working with AAL????????? thanks for your time
  10. Hi to all.. I have this so far working nicely!!!having tried going SSL YET!! :) but one thing.. is there a way to remove and change the background colour once it has logged on successfully.. its currently very.. DARK BLUE!!! and so makes it hard to read to see where and what i want to do.. thanks for your time!!!! Hopefully someone can help.
  11. devilgrins

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    vertical fly isnt working for me.. below is my footer.. can anyone pls assist to why it is not.. i do not have STS contrib.. <?php /* $Id: footer.php,v 1.26 2003/02/10 22:30:54 hpdl Exp $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'counter.php'); ?> </td></tr> </table> <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> <tr><td height=7 colspan=6></td></tr> <tr><td height=4 bgcolor=#B3B3B3 width=674 colspan=6></td></tr> <tr><td height=7 colspan=6></td></tr> <tr><td width=33></td> <td><img src=images/m26.jpg width=230 height=42></td> <td width=33></td> <td><img src=images/m24.gif width=1 height=59></td> <td width=13></td> <td width=541> <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> <tr><td height=15></td></tr> <tr><td><a href=<?=tep_href_link('index.php')?> class=ml>Home</a> <img src=images/m25.gif width=1 height=11 align=absmiddle> <a href=<?=tep_href_link('account.php')?> class=ml>My account</a> <img src=images/m25.gif width=1 height=11 align=absmiddle> <a href=<?=tep_href_link('products_new.php')?> class=ml>New products</a> <img src=images/m25.gif width=1 height=11 align=absmiddle> <a href=<?=tep_href_link('shopping_cart.php')?> class=ml>Shopping cart</a> <img src=images/m25.gif width=1 height=11 align=absmiddle> <a href=<?=tep_href_link('checkout_shipping.php')?> class=ml>Checkout</a> </td></tr> <tr><td height=10></td></tr> <tr><td class="copyright"><b>Powered By <a href="http://www.moderatelypassionate.com/">Moderately Passionate Productions</a> <b>| <a class="copyright" href="mailto:contact@moderatelypassionate.com">Contact Us</a><br><a href=<?=tep_href_link('privacy.php')?>class="copyright">Privacy Policy</a> | Copyright © 2007 </td></tr> <tr><td height=30></td></tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> <?php if ($banner = tep_banner_exists('dynamic', '468x50')) { ?> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td align="center"><?php echo tep_display_banner('static', $banner); ?></td> </tr> </table> <br> <?php // Output the footer for Dynamenu for osCommerce echo $GLOBALS['dmfooter']; } ?>
  12. hi there janz.. i have installed this and i get this error when i head over to categories/products in admin 1054 - Unknown column 'c.categories_hide_from_groups' in 'field list' select c.categories_id, cd.categories_name, c.categories_image, c.parent_id, c.sort_order, c.date_added, c.last_modified, c.categories_hide_from_groups from categories c, categories_description cd where c.parent_id = '0' and c.categories_id = cd.categories_id and cd.language_id = '1' order by c.sort_order, cd.categories_name yes i do have sppc working b4 i installed this contrib.. is there something i am missing hope to hear from you soon.. or from anyone who can lend a hand.. cheers
  13. hi rigadin2 is it possible to get this plugin/contrib to work with ACA.. Hide Products from Customers. its not a simple mod to add so if you can that would be great!.. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,sppc i tried but i got not errors but it doing weird things.. but i am going to try again.. but i thought to ask if you can assist and add this to your lovely contrib.. hope to hear good news soon.
  14. devilgrins

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    sorry djmonkey with such troubling and yet most likely simple issues too you.. i have as you say edited into the (admin/includes/classes/order.php) with adding reference_number' => $order['reference_number']; into the last reference of $this->info = array(.....) now as for pulling...... i am unsure of that.. in the admin/orders.php i have it pulled as.. <?php echo tep_db_input($order->info['reference_number']); ?> is that wrong???? i am sorry but i am not sure what you mean by modifying $order_query...... and i have checked in sql.. the data has been stored so it should be able to echo it.. if you can assist in advising on how to pull the reference and possibly modifying the $order_query.. cheers
  15. devilgrins

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    hmm i have tried in.. admin/invoice.php to get the reference number to print with this command <?php echo $order->info['reference_number']; ?> but this isnt working.. could you please give me the heads up on what i am doing wrong djmonkey... thanks for your time!!!!! its great that you're putting so much time and effort in helping us all.