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  1. Hi jwray100, had you ever got an answer,maybe directly to your question, because I have the same problem. I can't have it work with Master Products Cheers
  2. Hello Michael, I have the same problem with the actual google feeder, Did you get an answer what is the reason for only english descriptions?? I would be interested in that solution Cheers Gis
  3. Hello, I have installes Master Product for oscommerce. Now I installed also the cpb and got this 1054 - Unbekanntes Tabellenfeld 'builder_product_flag' in where clause select products_id, products_status, products_quantity from products where builder_product_flag = '1' and products_date_added < DATE_SUB(now(), INTERVAL 2 HOUR) [TEP STOP] This occurs when I start the frontend and it stops the rest of the index page when the picture of the cpb should occur. At the admistration page it looks all fine. has anyone an idea (Sorry for the english I'm a german as you can see by the error mesage) Thanks in advance for any comment Gis
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum , but before asking and boring people I had researched the forum for this problem: I use master products together with b2b suite. I want to make it possible that the customer can order products with quantity 0 or less. I have a system which show : quantity > 0 -> green , quantity =0 > yellow(10-14 days), product status <1 red (6 weeks). I want to make it possible to order a yellow marked product. I tried a lot but I can't find the right place. I placed the marking in: master_listing.php. It works fine. But the rest.... I can't find a solution. Can anyone advice me with some help. Maybe I need a more extensive description to make sure I'm doing te right things. Cheers and may thank's for any help Gisbert
  5. Hi Tracy, I'm a very new German here. I read that you have master products and x-sell 2.3 This means you have to change much more than in the installation is named. Can you advise me, whatmore, please. I can't see the x-sell box..... :( Thank you, this would be a real big help Gisbert