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  1. LeonN

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi Steve I did try One Page Checkout using Firefox as a browser (I have IE as default browser) and the same thing happened as I explained in post #1898. No change at all..... What I also tried out was just filling out the form from the top (leaving the odd message, see post #1898) and when I was placing the cursor in the last text field (which is telephone and is a mandatory text field) the page reloaded and the correct information appeared in the Payment Method and the Shipping Method. Odd?!!? Thanks! Best Regards LeonN
  2. LeonN

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi Steve Thanks for your reply. I am quite sure that java is installed on my pc as I use it another context. I will try it out, see what happens and report back. Thanks! Best Regards LeonN
  3. LeonN

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hey all First, I must confess that I have not been reading all 95 pages in this thread, BUT I did search using some keywords that might explain my situation. But no luck, hence this question: It seems that I have been succesfull in intalling the One Page Check Out, but I do have some small issues that I hope you guys are able to help me with. Adding to the cart and going to check out in Payment Method I get this message "Please fill in your billing address for payment options" and in Shipping Method I get "Please fill in at least your billing address to get shipping quotes". When I just refresh the page (using F5) nothing happens. The two only refresh when I first check the "Different from billing address" and then unchecking the same. Only then the correct data appears in Payment Method and Shipping Method. Anybody know how I can remedy this problem? Thanks! Best Regards LeonN c'',)
  4. LeonN

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Thanks Nick! :thumbsup: By any chance do you know why the text In the form-buttons (i.e Buy Now-button or Reveiw-button) does not place Itself dead-center of the button (like the text In the Login-button or Search-button does)? The text In the form-buttons seem to hover towards the top of the button for some reason.... Thanks again :thumbsup:
  5. LeonN

    Basic Design Pack Support

    This css-button thing does not seem to work for me! Please take a look this specific part of my site: www.lin-trading.com/product_info.php? My html_output.php: The code for the submit-buttons: function tep_image_submit($image, $value = '-AltValue-', $parameters = '') { global $language; $css_submit = '<input type="submit" class="cssButton" value="' . tep_output_string($value) . '" />'; return $css_submit; } and the code for link-buttons (i.e. review- or continuebuttons): function tep_image_button($image, $value = '-AltValue-', $parameters = '') { global $language; $image = '<span class="cssButton"> ' . tep_output_string($value) . ' </span>'; return $image; } I did change from <div></div> to <span></span> I got this from support for "CSS Buttons Everywhere" (http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=161156) . It did align the Buy Now Button up nicely with the text, but It did not help on the "graphic" looks. So It Is only the submit-buttons that seems to get css threatment and not the link-buttons.....?!?! Could It be a browser issue? I use IE 5.5 (or IE 6?) I hope somebody out there Is able to help because I really like the css-buttons. Thanks In advance! :thumbsup: