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  1. Hi all, hope this is the right place to ask . . I have been looking for a contribution that will allow me to create more than one copy of an existing product for me to then edit. Right now I create one new product and may have 4 to 10 similar products and each time have to click copy and duplicate to the same category and then edit the product. I have easy populate and multiple product copies but it will actually take me longer to use easy populate to create four copies then to do it manually . The ideal solution would be a text box next to the duplicate radio box so I could enter the number of copies needed. If anyone knows of a contribution that may work it would be a great help. Thanks.
  2. binkycrafts

    Live Support phpOnline

    Got it in and running . . absolutely great addition and contrib. I second the idea about the redirect when offline because as far as i can tell the customer still has to go through the calling and waiting for a reply before being sent to the email option. I do have a small problem when changing the sounds, I have to log out of everything and and restart the browser to get the new sound so it took sometime to find one that would be ok played into our actual shop without alarming the customers that we have rosters running around. Still, very happy with this addition and think it will definitely increase our sales . .thanks again. binkycrafts.com
  3. binkycrafts

    Live Support phpOnline

    Dumb question of the day . . .I have not had any previous instals of this contrib so do I start at the . .* Installation of phpOnline on OS-Commerce (OSC) * and skip over the sections marked * Upgrade 1.0 -> 1.1 * & * Upgrade 1.1 -> 1.2 *? I know it sounds obvious but I wanted to make sure before give it a go. Looks like just what we need to help some of our customers spend some cash. Cheers, Tony.
  4. binkycrafts

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    any chance of a quick tip on how to ban . . although I don't want to stop them visiting my site , just don't want to display them in the list so i can focus on visitors who want to give me money . .any advise? Cheers, Tony.
  5. binkycrafts

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi, Fantastic contrib, we always keep an eye on our store and because of this enhancement we have managed to stave off a couple of problems with the ease of spotting customers with active carts and also not having all the bots show up is a real boon. One question is about stopping some of the bots that do show up from being displayed for example googlebot, is there anyway I can add googlebot to to the code so it is not displayed unless I choose to show bots? Sorry if this has been covered before. Thanks, Tony.
  6. Thanks surfalot, will get 2.76g and see if that solves my problem (I had 2.78 in for a long time and have never needed to think about updating it ! . . will be great if it does fix my prob so many thanks in advance . . I will post back after the instal. Cheers, Tony.
  7. Not sure if anyone can help with this as I am sure it is more to do with the exporting from excel on Mac than with EP. I have EP 2.78-MS2 on my system and find EP invaluable for our shop. I do not use much html in my descriptions but we need to highlight some information in some special products so have been trying to add some font colours to the description and cant get the code to upload correctly. I have spent a couple of hours reading through this topic looking for the qoutes issue but despite trying a few changes I cant get it to work. The code in the php file is currently set to: global $replace_quotes; $replace_quotes = true; and: global $separator; $separator = "\t"; // tab is default When I export the file on the mac all of my description fields that contain quotes or comas are enclosed in quotes and then subsequent quotes are doubles unlike the downloaded version if I type the code directly online. I cannot find a way to stop this but I do not know if that is causing the problem? When I upload the file with the extra and double quotes the quotes get replaced with one ". If I set replace quotes to false I get a syntax error on insert from the same file. If anyone has any suggestion on how I can get some html on excel on the mac to upload to oscommerce and include the necessary quotes needed to format colours I would really appreciate a pointer. Many thanks, Tony.
  8. binkycrafts

    Choice of Free Gifts Module

    Hi, this looks like it might do what I need but I am not sure . . I have thousands of products and am looking for something where the customer can get 2 free products from the same category when buying 3. In this case they are stickers . .when someone buys 3 products from one of the stickers category I want to offer them the choice of 2 more from the smae category for free. I would also like to offer 5 free when buying 5 so if anyone can advise me if this is the contrib for me i will get to installing it. Hope someone can post to let me know. Many thanks, Binkys.. http://www.binkycrafts.com/shop
  9. binkycrafts

    Scrolling What's New Box

    Just what I was looking for. I had the scrolling specials in and that really has pushed sales, especially after I managed to make it choose a random selection of items from the db. I started trying to modify the code so I could have the same for the new items but was beyond me so had a quick look and here it is . .great although on my store I could not get it to centre the items so added a old school <div align= so if anyone can help with that one I would much rather get rid of the div if poss. I did try copying some of the code from the specials which centres no problem but without any luck. Anyway, thanks for the help , great contrib. see it . . www.binkycrafts.com/shop/ Binyks.
  10. binkycrafts


    another quick question . . I want to add a greeting in the "birthday" email using the customers first name but am not sure how to code this into the $message? I tried adding this: $firstname = $customer['customers_firstname']; before the $message = '.... and then after: <!-- start message //--> I had: <p>Hi <?php echo $firstname ?>,</p> as my opening line but this only sends "Hi ," in the email Hope someone can spot the rookie mistake :-D Thanks, Tony.
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    Just adding another reply because I did not enable email notifications and could not work out how to turn them on once I had posted - is there any hope ??? Tony.
  12. binkycrafts


    Hi, Great contrib, I found because today is my birthday and I received an email from a forum I am a member of and thought about adding this type of thing to our online store and found this. I can get the emails to work perfectly when running from the browser but cron throws me the following error email (The path up to admin has been removed) . . . /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 2: /aquota.user: Permission denied /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 3: $: command not found /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 4: AutoEmailer: command not found /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 5: osCommerce,: command not found /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 6: http://www.oscommerce.com: No such file or directory /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token `c' /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php: line 8: ` Copyright © 2002 osCommerce' it is obviously reading the file but something is causing it to not run it as it should, any ideas what I need to do to my set up to make it work?? actual code from /admin/auto_emailer/auto_emailer.php is as follows: <?php /* $Id$ AutoEmailer by Jack_mcs at www.oscommerce-solution.com osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ include('class.Email.php'); include('../includes/configure.php'); $link = mysql_connect(DB_SERVER, DB_SERVER_USERNAME, DB_SERVER_PASSWORD) or die("Could not connect"); mysql_select_db(DB_DATABASE); //Set some common items $Sender = 'binky@binkycrafts.com'; $Recipiant = 'test@binkycrafts.com'; $Cc = ''; $Bcc = ''; $currentDate = date('Y-m-d'); //or enter a date in the form of yyyy-mm-dd include('date_functions.php'); // Start modules include('auto_newproducts.php'); // Stop modules mysql_close($link); ?>
  13. binkycrafts


    getting close . . .oooooh Ok so I went through the install again checking every line and found I had missed one so now its all working apart from a slight glitch I cannot work out. If I buy a voucher worth 5 including taxes I have got it so it shows up as 5 in my cart box on the right. however, when i click . .send voucher and enter 5 in the amount box it says invalid amount. If I input 4.99 it works but not at 5 . . anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking its a problem because of sales tax and decimals but this does not help me start using the vouchers. Thanks for now . .
  14. binkycrafts

    Country-State Selector

    Now there's a strange thing . . maybe there was a problem with an upload somewhere but I tested the sign up procedure again today and its working perfectly ! GREAT Contrib, it really makes it easier for my customers to get in and start shopping. thanks so much and the instructions are perfect. . . even for me to follow !
  15. binkycrafts


    Ok, I have been all the way through the manual install but unfortunately I did not get it to work . .My store is still up and running so no problems there but when I click onto Vouchers/Coupons in the admin section something is not doing what it should as I get a 404 from this link . . .http://binkycrafts.com/shop/admin/FILENAME_COUPON_ADMIN?selected_box=gv_admin any suggestions on where to start checking? I have so far been through and checked that all of the new files are there and have just started rechecking each of the changed files but thought maybe someone might be able to speed me along?? thanks in advance . .