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  1. thanks ! that changing the english.php did the trick thats all I wanted. i love the contribution you made up.. works great.. I just make my product names long .. like Short Sleeve Tiny Giant Clothing Logo or something like that so i get all those things as keywords. thanks a bunch!
  2. maybe i'll just change the title on those pages to like from Oscommerce to something else like welcome to Tiny Giant Clothing .. I just dont like seeing oscommerce at the top of all the pages
  3. pretty much only the product pages are changed.. what needs to be changed on all the other pages to make it work too index, checkout pages, privacy statement, terms, contact... there are a slew of pages i would love to get meta tagged up!
  4. got it working.. although the index page is unchanged .. meta wise i made the changes to it any ideas?
  5. when ever i make any of the text changes you say to do i get fatal errors... and the pages dont work at all.. ideas?
  6. i installed this contribution today and i tried to export the data and when it was done it left me on a blank page. now when i try to access my admin page it thinks for a long time and then leaves me on a blank page... need help ASAP!!