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  1. HydroHarry

    FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2

    OK, so I got it working - it is a password they email to you, not your fedex.com password. Now my problem is it generates the same rates independent of weight, or of zip code. The problem lies in the includes/modules/shipping/fedex_module This file is not at all finished. If you look on line 124, you will realize that it won't generate the weights etc. from the shopping cart, it is set up with a static insured value of $20, weight of 2 pounds etc. Somebody needs to finish this module, and it is over my head. I'm going to try, and if unable - I will hire somebody and give this back to the community working. Can't believe it was put up this flawed though, very incomplete - and somebody should note that when releasing a contribution...
  2. HydroHarry

    FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2

    Tried production values, and still the same "ERRORprof1000Authentication Failed" . How is everybody else generating shipping prices without this fedex module? Is there another one I'm not aware of? Maybe it is my fedex password though, I'm just using my password from fedex.com - perhaps there is another one? Thanks for any input! Justin
  3. HydroHarry

    FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2

    Anybody have this working yet? I've got it set up and have my credentials (for the person who asked where to get this stuff, go to fedex.com/developer - then on the 6 check boxes - you will click the top middle one and get set up with test validations, after that you can get production ones). Anyways, my error message is: Error in processing transaction.ERRORprof1000Authentication Failed I'm going to try production info - if it is not working, I'll just move it to false and wait for a response on here. Hoping to simply hear that somebody has this contribution working.... Thanks! Justin
  4. HydroHarry

    [CONTRIBUTION] Subcategory textboxes

    I am trying to relocate all the textboxes to the bottom of the page. I have gotten all category pages to relocate the textboxes to the bottom by changing the location in index.php, however subcategory pages are still appearing above the product list, and I want it to be below. I have tried moving the script in product_info.php to right before the </table></form></td> <!-- body_text_eof //--> but that doesn't seem to work either. Is there a different file I need to edit to get subcategory boxes below the product list? Thanks for the help! Justin
  5. HydroHarry

    authorize.net problems

    Please do keep me updated. If you wouldn't mind keeping a list of what modules work with the new RC and posting it in this forum, it will surely help me and probably many other oscommerce users. Seems this switch is going to cause a lot of compatibility issues - I don't know whether I should keep trying to get authorize.net to work in my current version, or if I should upgrade and try to get every other contribution I use to work with the new RC. I think your experience will give me my answer. Thank you in advance!
  6. HydroHarry

    authorize.net problems

    I'm beginning to think it is a problem with CURL - or at least something on the server. My server evidently has 2 curl locations - /usr/sbin/curl and /us/bin/curl . What server do you use ronin? I use bluehost - a shared server - but have my ssl and a dedicated IP.
  7. HydroHarry

    authorize.net problems

    Hi, I know this doesn't help, but I'm having similar problems. For me, it seems my site is not communicating with authorize.net's secure site. There is excellent documentation on vger's original contribution, but nothing on Ponce's. Just sitting here scratching my head...
  8. Seems I needed to just reset the cache, and type it without hyphens in the URL box, and it will add the URL's. Got it straightened out! Thanks again for this great contribution.
  9. My install went easy breezy. Now I'm configuring it, and having a slight issue. On my product page in admin, if I put "pink-fuzzy-slippers-keep-feet-warm", the URL displayed is http://www.domain.com/catalog/pinkfuzzysli...twarm-c-46.html . I can't seem to get it to put hyphens between the words! Also, is there an easy way to get rid of the letter and number before .html? Thank you in advance!