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  1. flopez82

    Dynamic SiteMap

    hello everyone i just installed this contribution thanks alot everything seems to be working perfect i get the sitemap and it generates it on my page and all my only concern is in the admin section when i go to tools->sitemap maintenance i see all of the options like when to update and time zones and stuff only thing is when i change some of the options like the time zone and i click submit then page "creating sitemaps" comes out and freezes there all i see is a big page with the saying "creating xml sitemaps" on the top left and the "submit sitemap to : google sitemap yahoo sitemap and ask.com sitemap but the page doesnt pass this.... am i supposed to see something after this??? something doesnt look right thanks for your help
  2. i need to remove this contribution i deleted all the files but i am getting an error 500 can someone tell me the steps for removal please? ty GOT IT FIXED BY MY TECHSUPPORT DONT KNOW WHAT THEY DID BUT IT WORKS
  3. hello everybody i installed this contribution it wasnt working ok i thought so i uninstalled it i reversed all the steps in the instructions and delted the files i uploaded im trying to reinstiall the contribution now but i get the 500 Error - Internal Server Error This error was caused due to an unexpected difficulty in fulfilling the user request. The most likely cause of this error is a crashed or error'd CGI script or program. Please verify that the program is properly compiled and/or operational and carry out any necessary debugging. If you are not responsible for this resource, please send a bug-report to the address listed below describing your problem. Please include in the report the date, time, your e-mail address, the website on which this error occured and what you were attempting to do when this error occured. Your compliance is appreciated. please let me know what i can do to get rid of this and get this working ty in advanced
  4. hello everyone i need help making it so that the images i have selected for the categories appear in the main page in a box above the new products for **** box so that people can pick the categories from the pictures in the mainpage(the center) as well as the categories box on the left i want to add the categories box above the new products for this month box ty for your help in advanced