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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi guys This is my first time posting here, and my first time trying to implement the HSBC CPI payment module into oscommerce. And I must admit that its, so far, been a (how shall I put it?) ......interesting experiance to say the least lol :) Im trying to implement the shop for the small local charity that I work for, so would really appreciate some help if possible! So far Ive managed to install the module into oscommerce, successfully setup (with thanks to Roy from HSBC tech support), and am able to send test purchases from the shop to HSBC etc fine. The problem Im having now is as follows: 1. After making payment on the HSBC secure site, and clicking the "continue" button to take me back to the shop, instead of taking me to the successful purchase page it takes me to the front page of the shop. Any suggestions as to how to remedy this one? 2. Orders I showing up store backup after paying for them via HSBC. They show up fine if I do a test purchase using COD. 3. HSBC told me I need to change the transaction type module (?) to authorise or capture so that I dont have to manually authorise each payment. For the life of me, I cant see where this is.....or even if its possible. Perhaps 2 & 3 are linked? Any help and advice would be very welcome please. Daryl