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  1. I posted earlier about integrating PowerReviews with CRE Loaded. As part of the PowerReviews integration I need to put the following two scripts in my Product Page. One is for the Review Snippet and the other is for the Review Display. The key is by default both pieces of code as you will see below list PAGE_ID. PowerReviews has told us to replace this by the name that is used on our website. All of our products for PowerReviews are sorted by product id so it seems that I'd use Product ID. I have also tried using products_id. In both cases I put this in quotes such as "products_id" instead of "PAGE_ID" It doesn't seem to call it correctly doing this. Is there some other way I can call the product id in the below scripts? The first below is for the Review Snippet showing reviews: <div class="pr_snippet_product"> <script type="text/javascript">POWERREVIEWS.display.snippet(document, { pr_page_id : "PAGE_ID" });</script> </div> The second below shows Review Display: <div class="pr_review_summary"> <script type="text/javascript">POWERREVIEWS.display.engine(document, { pr_page_id : "PAGE_ID" });</script> </div> Thank you for your help.
  2. I just finished installing PHPList and just started reading the documentation to get a feeling for the basics, etc. I have a few questions though: -I want to get a feel for the program and want to start by entering a message to send as a test. I see that it has a nice editor and I can also view the source HTML but are most people using this to create messages? Shoudl I use some other HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or even creating a document in Word and saving as HTML? -I plan to send a weekly email from my ecommerce website. If I'm correct the best way to do this is to create a Template since this is a weekly newsletter and on a weekly basis modify the content. Is this correct? -Can I schedule a message to be sent weekly or do I just create a new one each week? -The newsletter that I'm sending will be a newsletter mentioning any news such as upcoming products, sales, store changes and other news but I also want for it to mention products added in the last week. I have an RSS feed that is created by my store and in reading about the program initially it mentioned how you can add RSS feeds to email but I have not seen this in the documentation. Is it possible to set it up that weekly it would look for changes in my RSS feed (new products) and list it in the email or would I have to do this manually? -Documentation: I have been looking at the documentation on the PHPList website but I prefer to read in paper form. is there a way to print it out as a book instead of printing out by each link? Also, is there any documentation on other websites that I should look at or even videos or other learning tools? Thank you for your help with the above questions.
  3. I am having problems with the Authorize.net module on my website. When I try to place an order I get a red notice at the top of my website saying: There was an error processing your credit card - (): Looking at the error log I get an error 13. I have talked with Authorize.net extensively but they have stated that it appears there is nothing on their end. As possible problems they mentioned an incorrect LoginAPI and Transaction Key but I have verified both are correct. I have even reset my Transaction key multiple times. They also mentioned it could be from an inactive account but have verified that my account is active. Another possible solution is a problem with the Curl but we have verified with our webhosting service that the Curl is compiled and that the path is /usr/bin/curl. We also have confirmed that our SSL is working. One remaining possibility is that our module is posting to the wrong server. We have our Authorize.net accountset up in production mode and our module is also in production mode. We have been told the test server would be: test.authorize.net/gat...ansact.dll or certification.authoriz...ansact.dll We have been told that live transactions need to be posted to: secure.authorize.net/g...ansact.dll It appears the only two remaining possibilities is for some reason our module is posting to the wrong server or the other possibility that was mentioned is that our data is either being sent in the incorrect format or is sending data or fields that are not required. Is there anything that could be causing this in our website setup or the Authorize.net module? Are there any possibly settings we could have wrong on our Authorize.net account? Or is there some other issue that could be causing this? Unfortunately after having my website credit card processing down for almost 3 weeks it is hurting my business a lot. Is there a way I can tell if the data being sent is correct?